The Sims 4 Guides Dine Out

The Sims 4 Dine Out: Building a Pirate-Themed Restaurant



Okay, so to me we have now done the funnest part. But wait…There is more! To make a themed restaurant, the theme needs to be well thought out. It is also important to try and stay consistent. Here’s some suggestions of what I did.

I’m a nutcase when it comes to symmetry, so I placed the kitchen dead-center like so:

06-30-16_1-17-10 PM

One corner of the restaurant is the seating area, the other the entrance with host and what my imagination would like to be waiting benches (since the restaurant clearly is going to be super popular and the host will be super busy all the time)

06-30-16_1-36-26 PM

Upstairs I made two bathrooms, rather minimalistic and shabby looking. With the debug lists hand-crafted toilet, two sinks and some old books (Why? -I don’t know. They looked piratey) On the plus side, the hall is filled with art!

06-30-16_1-43-37 PM

Staff Outfits

I was happy to realize that Spooky Stuff had everything I needed for the staff outfits! Pirate costumes for everyone! It was really fun visiting the restaurant as a sim, seeing everything come together with building, interior and atmosphere. I made it a seafood restaurant (used the preset menu) and sat down to eat in a very pirate themed restaurant!





…And both the staff and other guests seemed to enjoy themselves as well!

The Piece O’ Ate is available for download HERE!

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And that’s it!

Enjoy making your very own Pirate Themed Restaurant!

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