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The Sims 4: Unisex Clothing to be Improved

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Reddit user dahlia_gatz has expressed her concerns about one of the huge issues that The Sims 4’s Unisex Patch has brought, and that’s warped and distorted clothing that don’t look very nice on a Sim with a certain gender.

Down below you can see one of many examples where Unisex clothing fail to deliver.

(female shorts on female sim and on the left male shorts on a female sim)

SimGuruDaniel has confirmed that The Sims Team is currently in the works to fix unisex clothing, and that we should expect to see some progress over future patches.

Just to chime in on this — we are aware that some assets translate worse than others between body types, and are in the process of fixing them up. Look for them to improve over future patches!


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