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15 reasons why The Sims 3 was ahead of its time

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Even though The Sims 3 was released back in 2009, the features it introduced allowed for endless creativity and possibilities, and because of that, there’s still a large portion of the community that still plays.

Here are 15 reasons why this game was waaay ahead of its time:

1. Huge worlds with beautiful scenery.


Isla Paradiso from The Sims 3 Island Paradise; looks beautiful in the morning!

2. The entire world is your playground!


3. You can fish anywhere…


No need to be on a lookout for fishing spots, as long as there’s water there’s an option to fish!

4. …or swim anywhere.


The entire world is one big swimming pool!

5. But enough of world talk. Did you know that your Sims could wear a bathroom tile pattern for their shirt?

TS3 2016-08-21 12-43-53-61

6. Or sit on a chair made entirely out of gold!


Gotta love Create A Style.

7. You mean to tell me that not all lots are flat and that we can edit the terrain? I’m shook.

TS3 2016-08-21 14-29-48-86

8. Did you know Ghosts can try for a baby?


Starting a Ghost family is this easy!

9. They’re masters of shortcuts and can pass through literally anything


10. Toddlers. Need I say more?


11. Teens that are shorter from their adults?! What kind of sorcery is this?!?!?!


Is that Bella from Twilight?! Yup, she can be found in Moonlight Falls, from The Sims 3 Supernatural.

12. Ownable AND drivable cars?! I don’t believe this.


13. Grocery shoppin’

TS3 2016-08-21 13-50-27-11

14. Swingset swingin’


15. Clipping for coupons – only 2009 kids will know.


This Sim just got a 40% off deal on her next Pedicure at the Spa venue! Score!

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