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The Sims 4: 12 things you should try during the Triple Boost Week


The Triple Boost Week that started on August 23rd 2016 gives you an option to make The Sims 4 a little less challenging. With job performance bar and skill bar progressing 3 times faster you can achieve a lot more in the game, and here are 12 things we recommend you to try during this week!

NOTE: As the Triple Boost Week is temporary, we advise that you do all of these steps in a save game that you plan to play later as well.

1. Forget about your previous households – start a brand new family!


2. Have your unemployed Sims earn money by publishing books and selling paintings!


With the Triple Boost your Sims will reach Level 10 Writing and Painting skills in no time!

3. The Landgraabs don’t deserve to be that wealthy – bulldoze their house, limit their simoleons to 20,000 and make them work from scratch!

NOTE: You can change the current amount of simoleons by entering the testingcheats true cheat and entering this following cheat: money 20,000

08-24-16_9-25-16 PM

4. Reach maximum Gardening skill and earn your simoleons by planting and harvesting fruits, vegetables and flowers!

08-24-16_9-47-27 PM

5. Try controlling one Sim and have him/her reach Level 10 of any career in just one hour!

TIP: It’ll make your job easier if you only have one Sim in your Household. Also, have your game run at Speed 3 at all times!

12-23-14_11-09 PM

6. Discover all social interactions from Mischief, Comedy and Charisma skills by maxing them out!

12-05-14_10-11 PM

7. Unlock ALL career objects with one household!

09-25-14_6-25 PM

8. Woodwork your way to a wealthier life.

12-06-14_2-43 PM

9. Get Together: Live your life as a DJ by earning money exclusively from DJ tips!

12-10-15_2-31-44 PM

10. Create a big household with each Sim working on a different career…


11. …and build them a house made out of different career styled rooms!

12. Reach Level 10 Handiness Skill and discover Oasis Spring’s Forgotten Grotto!

08-24-16_10-59-12 PM-2

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