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The Sims 4: Simulation Lag Fix

11 08 16 3 50 54 PM

This mod is definitely a game changer!

Ever encountered one of these simulation lags in The Sims 4 where sims just stand by and do nothing even though the game is running at full speed?

This lag that’s been happening very often since the latest The Sims 4 Game Update has now been fixed by simmythesim modder. He explained what this issue is all about and how he fixed it in the text below:

To explain it concisely, imagine that the game updates using a bucket. The game fills this bucket when it needs to schedule stuff for processing. So if the game needed to run autonomy, it would dump a note in the bucket saying, “Hey, can you process this sim’s autonomy 30 minutes from now? Thanks.”

Now imagine that the bucket is getting full, it takes longer and longer to reach the end of the bucket. Now, autonomy is one of the most time-consuming systems in the game, so a few autonomy requests scheduled can take a whole chunk of time, causing everything else to not be processed in a timely manner.

You can notice this when the game stops processing “sub actions”, which are basically the interactions that make your sim do an animation, causing them to endlessly bob their heads and stop. The time can also slow down on Speed 3 and it can even jump back to the past.

Now, how did I fix this, you may ask? Remember that we know what takes the most time (autonomy) to process, so I separated autonomy and everything else into separate buckets!

Continuing our bucket analogy, I created a new bucket exclusively for autonomy. If the simulation bucket needs more than 17 milliseconds to run, then now, our new autonomy bucket won’t even run at all, creating a more responsive simulation. On my computer the time has never gone back in time nor slowed down after installing this mod, however, your results will vary depending on your CPU speed.

I’ve tested this mod and I can honestly say it’s making my gameplay 100% more enjoyable. Not only do Sims perform actions faster but there seems to be no situations where my sims get ”stuck” for no reason. Social events are running at full speed and festivals from The Sims 4 City Living no longer cause my sims to get stuck.

To download this mod, simply click the download button below!



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