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The Sims 4: The Community Worlds Project

mt magma  ts4 fan art  by hazzaplumbob dar5xcx

keylimepiesims opened up a new thread on The Sims Forums, calling all creative simmers to join his latest project that’ll bring the community together in creating fictional The Sims 4 worlds with backstories, sims, builds and more!

This is also a great way to give The Sims Team some inspiration for future The Sims 4 worlds. You never know, right?

For more information on what it is and how to participate, read the quote below:

The Community Worlds Project is a chance for creative Simmers to showcase their talents in a whole new way to TS4, through custom drawn world maps. This project will allow Simmers from all over the community to come together and present their work, whether it be house building, creating sims, or story writing, in the form of a new world with it’s own backstory and uniqueness. I have drawn a variety of new maps in the style of the official TS4 world maps, all very different from one another, and with the help from you talented and creative Simmers I hope to build some really cool stories and bring the fans together, because whether you’re a builder, or a writer, or you just love creating new Sims with fun backstories, there’s a place in this project for everyone!

Join the project!


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