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The Sims 4 Vintage Glamour Stuff Review


The First Stuff Pack in 5 months, Vintage Glamour comes promising Art-Deco, Old Hollywood, new premium objects, and, a first for a Stuff Pack, a brand new non-playable character (NPC): the Butler. Let’s find out if it delivers.

Build / Buy Items:

The Build/Buy items are very classy, but still have some edge. They can really spruce up your home and the swatches are varied enough that you can make rooms rather traditional and subdued, or bold and colourful, or downright tacky if you want to go over the top and create nouveau riche sims. The new wallpapers, door, window and mirrors are also eye-popping. Even without the new gameplay additions, the Stuff in this Stuff Pack make it a very interesting offer.

See how you can make the exact same room fit different styles by just changing swatches:




There are also new bedroom objects, including two beds:


Create-A-Sim Items:

The CAS items are not as many as they have been in other Stuff Packs, but they are very good. Clothing is very old-fashioned and elegant. Granted, it may not be a look for all sort of sims, but there are good options especially for formal looks. The new hairstyles are all good and I can definitely see myself using all of them. There are new ones for all genders and age groups. Children get short-shifted once more, unfortunately. One hairstyle and one new clothing item for each gender and that is it. However, the new jacket for boys is one of the best pieces of clothing for this age group. We get some very beautiful necklaces for women, posh watches for both genders and new shoes that were sorely needed. I just wish we have a few more items, especially for the children.


Premium Object: Globe Bar

The globe bar is an interesting new addition. Great for your sims have at their office and por some scotch at the end of the day. There are new drink recipes. My favourite, however, is having kids study the globe. Cute animations. My only qualm is that when children break bottles, you don’t have to clean it up or reprimand the child. Small nitpick in what is a fun addition to the game that sims of all ages can interact with.



Premium Object: Vanity Table

The vanity table is both fun and practical. Engaging new animations and a great way to get a fresh look for your sim quickly. You can choose colour schemes from a menu, without going into Create-A-Sim. Children can use it and it’s not just a repetition for what happens to adults; they get specific gameplay and results, which I deeply appreciate.



New NPC: The Butler

The butler is very well-though out.They really work hard and do their duty, unlike maids. You can assign them responsibilities, so if your sim wants to be hands-on with repairs, gardening, cleaning or childcare, they can ask the butler not to perform any of those. You can make specific requests and they can even play music for you. If you have a dancefloor, there’s a very neat interaction. They do not count against the sim limit in your home. They are very regal and the animations are top-notch.




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