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The Sims 4 Mod Suggestions: Post your Active Career Idea

Zerbu is looking for your ideas on SC Social forums!

If you don’t mind modded content in your game and are looking for new active careers rather than just the Doctor, Scientist and Police careers we’ve gotten with Get to Work then make sure you post your active career ideas in the thread linked down below.

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  • teacher career I think is sth people asking most and I agree :) also priest career would be sth interesting I think ;) nice to see sth is going on, work is my fav part of game

      • sims doesnt have real political propaganda why would it have real religious rhetoric? its sims they speak in a weird language, have vampires witches, and a grim reaper why not have some sort of weird sims religion? No need to over thing things its just a game.

  • To be honest why not make something like the Criminal career Or an Interstellar Smuggler or Space Ranger part of the Astronaut career an active career?

  • Why not expand the base game careers too, to make them similar to the ones that came with City Living, like adding to the entertainment career plays on community lots, or the astronauts could have missions on sixam, and the programmers could go to the geekcom…

    • Incorporating the festivals into careers would be great, could switch up daily tasks when the appropriate festivals are active (f.ex culinary career daily task could be to enter an eating contest or whatever the food festivals activity is)

  • Architecture/Construction would be cool as an active career; could start off with jobs to do up rooms, maybe build expansions, move up to small houses and eventually get a manor or something. These assignments could be “active” and get one or two per promotion (depending how hard it is to get promoted) with the rest of the work days being rabbit hole days.

    Lawyer could be another good one, would have to research case and write arguments, build charisma (if it’s too low the chances of successfully defending your client decrease), have a small court room with a chance of “high profile case” once you reach level 10.

  • I would love to see a barista career as an active career! I have a Starbucks lot and I would love to have my sim go there to work and fulfill customers orders.

  • Law! There’s great potential for storytelling, there’s a journey from being a simple paralegal alle the way to working as a judge, and it matches skills that are already in the game; Logic, Charisma. You could use elements from the police interviewing from GTW, too. Plus it wouldn’t require a lot of added CC as most functions in law just require formal business wear. Totally agree with plasticblueguns.

  • Hello everyone Just wanted to ask any sims mod creators if they would know how to do a sims 3 functional washer and dryer conversion to the sims4. I tried to explore this myself on youtube which turned out to be a fail. so I thought let me reach out to mod creators who are more experinced and know what their doing. This will be truly appreciated if some one figure this out. Thank You and Happy Holidays!!!

  • I would love to see the legal profession added to the game. It never made sense to me that sims had the police force and politicans but not lawyers. Every functioning society needs lawyers/the courts.

  • I would like to be a vet or a botanical researcher. It could be fun to be able to grow new exiting plants. Something interactive like the cow plant. :)

  • How about a Psychology-Career? Lots of possibilities – starting with Study Participant (with loads of negative Emotions resulting), Survey Interviewer (resulting in lots of social contacts), Researcher, Student Tutor… Then you could have two seperate options like Clinical Psychologist (Group Therapist, Childrens Therapist, Forensic Profiler, Forensic Therapist ) and Work Psychologist (Communication Trainer, Personal Psychologist, Consultant, Trainer for Politicians…whatever)

  • Profession fashion model go to work,

    nanny go home ,

    Repair worker go home,

    designer, stylist

    make-up artist, cosmetologist,

  • pet salon would be cool, or a hair salon, kindergarden,teacher, work at a pet shelter or on a elder senter…

  • Psychology/Psychiatry career in my opinion would be an excellent (and very realistic/close to simulating real life) career option for our Sims. They could start out as say, just psychology students like I did as an undergrad (when I took the basic college psych courses such as Psych (Psychology) 101). Then as they advance further in their career path they could choose between specializing in either psychology or psychiatry (with psychiatry obviously earning them more money because they’d be not only a therapist to their Sim patients, they would be a medical doctor that is prescribing psychiatric medications to their patients as well. It’d go really well with a lot of psychiatric trais such as; ADHD trait, Dissociative Identity Disorder (aka Multiple Personality Disorder) Trait, Autism Spectrum Disorder Trait, PTSD Trait, etc (those are just some examples I found from Modthesims).

  • I’m not to sure if this fits into the work category 100% but I think it would be grate to have a little portable cart that you can take places and sell things out of at random places like at the beach or say even on your home lot out front of your house like a lemonade stand I’m on ps4 so I have no idea if there are mods that already have this