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James’ Sims 2 Thoughts: The Sims 2 Pets (2006)

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The Sims 2 gave us College, Downtown and Shopping. What more can they give us!?

On October 17,2006 they gave us a very crucial pack that added plenty  of game play yet again


Now, with this pack, unlike the others, it does not come with a new neighborhood or sub-neighborhood. But, I really didn’t mind that. I didn’t have The Sims Unleashed when it came out, so this was my first time really having pets into my sims games.  So, to have this expansion in my possession was something I loved.

The fact that “create a Pet” came with this game was super cool. The amount of detail that can go into your cat or dog of your choice is really neat! They seem so real and lifelike. You can really create a pet that you have in real life. There are many breeds that you can create in the new “CAS” setting.

pets 4

pets 5

Now, you can do so many things with your new pet once you create it. You can teach your dog/cat so many tricks. You can train them certain commands and by scolding and praising them, they gain memories. For example, if your dog is rolling around in filth, you can scold them to not do that. The relationship might go down, but the pet gains a partial memory to remember not to do that action anymore.

Your pets can even breed! But, you don’t have direct control over them. But, what you do to them has a huge impact on their lives. And just Like Sims, Pets age too. Which makes it super sad when they pass on, but The game does it in a cute way, that still hits you right in the feels.

Besides having dogs and cats, I loved  the fact that I could have a number of smaller pets. What I mean by smaller pets are animals like hamsters, gerbils, birds, reptiles and many more. I loved this. The birds were always my favorite. same goes with the hamsters. I don’t know, but the hamsters were just so cute to me!

pets 3

If you have Open for Business, you can even have pet stores with pets of all sizes

This pack made me fall in love with the sims all over again. It added, yet again, so much depth to an already great game.

Next week, Get ready for the storm! I will be talking about my second favorite Sims 2 Pack “The Sims 2: Seasons!

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