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Vampire Game Pack: What we know so far!

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After several leaks in The Sims 4 game code The Sims Team finally announced a Vampire Game Pack that’s coming this winter. Although they didn’t show much in 5 seconds of the teaser that we saw we do have some other, more significant finds that we found in the game code. Let’s have a look at everything we know about vampires so far!

Please note that nothing from this list is yet confirmed by EA!

  • Vampires can turn into bats
  • Cemeteries are making a return (?)
  • New plants!

Vampire Game Pack: What we know so far!

  • This Game Pack will deliver a new ”Eerie Destination”
  • Vampires have their own supernatural powers.
  • Vampires may have “alternative forms” that work in a similar way to alien disguises.
  • Vampires may be able to gain experience of some kind. This may work like a hidden skill.
  • UI information may not appear for Vampires until they reach the Teen life stage. It may work similar to The Sims 3, where being a Vampire doesn’t take full effect until then.
  • There may be a “perks” system, similar to the Retail, Club and Restaurant Perks from various other packs. As a matter of fact, the code suggests there may actually be two simultaneous perk systems.
  • Vampires may have a “talent” of some kind. This could just be a technical way of referring to basic aspects of vampirism, such as sucking plasma.
  • Vampires seem to have their own walkstyle.


  • There may be a system for ranking up based on experience. This appear not to be a skill, but a new type of statistic that hasn’t been used yet.
  • There may be an “Occult Powers Panel” which can be used to purchase both “primary” and “secondary” powers using the perk points that were mentioned in Update #3.
  • Perk slots are referred to as “power cells” in the code, which gives an idea of what the UI may look like.
    • This applies to both primary and secondary perks, suggesting they’re both related to powers of some kind.
  • The Occult Powers Panel may be opened from the Needs Panel.
  • Having a Vampire and non-Vampire have a baby may create a Sim who is Part Vampire, similar to how there are Part Aliens.
  • The tuning resource “bucks.sim_info_bucks_tracker” suggests powers are divided into categories, and there are 5 categories of primary powers with 5 powers each, leading a total of 25 primary powers. As for secondary powers, there is 1 category with 3 powers, and 4 with 2 powers, leading a total of 11 secondary powers.
  • Some powers could be elevated versions of others, considering we’ve had perks like those in every perk system we’ve had so far.
  • Vampires can die of sunlight!
  • There is CAS camera tuning for triangle earrings.
  • Vampires may have a 50% chance of having normal human skin, assuming that the “0.5” defined in the “CASOccultSkintoneTuning_Human” tuning is a percentage.
    • It could actually be a weighted system, in which case there’s still a chance Vampires will have human skin, but it’s not 50%.
  • There is tuning for a new “Gravestone” object. This could mean that Vampires have their own Gravestones.
  • Vampires may not spawn on lots or for events during the day, unless they have the perk that allows them to walk in the sun.
  • If you didn’t already assume so anyway, Vampires may have their own teeth, different from other Sims.

Vampire Game Pack: What we know so far!

You can find more vampire animations and sound effects in the video down below!

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