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The Sims 4: Possible Seasons Hint Found In Toddlers Update (SPECULATION)

Please note that this post is pure speculation and contains no solid evidence regarding seasons!

UPDATE: Even though we’re aware that SimGuruDrake described the description of the book down below as ”just something cute and fun” and explained the whole situation as they have nothing to say regarding future content, there are 2 new icons that I’d like to bring up to attention that have been recently found in the game files. Do keep in mind that this post is all pure speculation and unlike with Pets, there is no solid evidence that anything is hinting towards Seasons Pack coming soon.

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This is something I’ve been told about A LOT since the new Sims 4 game update and I still don’t know what to think about it.

Basically, there’s a new book for toddlers that, not only is named “When is Winter?” but also comes with the following cryptic description:

Is it spring? Not now, but soon. Is it fall? Perhaps, by noon? Is it summer? The heat, seems likely. When is winter? Who knows, but it’s coming.

This isn’t the first time The Sims Team got suddenly comfortable to tease and use seasons-related words. Just a month ago in a Holiday Celebration! Free Pack Update they added holiday crackers which sometimes come with a joke after your Sim opens them. One of the holiday cracker jokes states the following:

Q: What do you get when you cross seasons with pets?

A: Rain Deer.

The only official statement we have about Seasons is a comment from SimGuruDaniel that he posted a few months ago on reddit.

Q: Do you think TS4 will get pets and seasons?

SimGuruDaniel: I think so. But what do I know?

Now, we can almost definitely conclude that pets are coming before seasons as a lot of coding changes have been made that now mentions Cats, Dogs and Small Dogs. But, does this mean that we’re getting closer to the announcement of Seasons now that the developers are more prone to use definitions related to Seasons?

Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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  • I’m pretty sure we’ll get pets by end of spring early summer. But as for seasons, If we do get it it’ll probably be by the end of the year or early next year. (That would be nice. This is of course if they are expansion packs and not coming as game packs) That “rain deer” joke is so in your face that we must be getting either of them soon.

  • With all that the sims brought and continue to bring over the years starting with Simsonline to the present…thins may be slow coming…but they are coming sooner or later. They know what makes us go simmishly bonkers and we will be please as time allows them to bless the game/gamers (and the dedicated simmers) with exactly what we as for and more!! Stuff pack, game pack either way it comes….im buying it. I havent missed a sims game yet and dont intend too!!!! :)

    • Well said cupidsarrow, I haven’t missed one either. I don’t even like vampires but I’m buying it anyhow in hopes of getting my witches and fairies eventually!

      • Thank you, deionnawoodworth. A true simmer. I think people. mostly kids and some adults, just don’t realize that Sims4 is on a whole new platform from all the other sims games. It’s like rewriting the original program and adding newer features to give true simmers a chance to enhance their creative skils and the novice simmers a bit more of a challenge…only they are too busy focusing on what’s not in the game yet. each time something new is introduced…the gameplay changes a little and we have a little more added to work with. Continue to enjoy what we are given…your witches will come become you know it!!! :)

  • Alright, now I’m confused on the dev-cycle of EPs.

    Recently, I came to the conclusion that Vintage Glamour, Dine Out, City Living, and Movie Hangout entered development around the same time. Movie Hangout shares concept art with City Living, Dine Out shares mechanics with City Living (such as the recipe-learning with foreign and experimental dishes), and Vintage Glamour shares design-aspects with City Living

    So my guess is that Seasons and Pets started side-by-side with Vampires and Backyard Stuff (this probably started after Get to Work was released). Backyard Stuff was probably made from bits and bobs from both Seasons and Pets (Bird Feeder from Pets, Wind Chimes and Water Slides from Seasons), and Vampires probably came from Seasons before becoming too advanced and being scraped off into their own thing.

    Now, if Vampires got pushed out of Seasons, I’m willing to bet something got pushed out of Pets. I’m guessing either Witches or Werewolves.

    I want Witches.

      • Horses really shouldn’t be in TS4, they were made for TS3 because of open worlds. With the more homelot centric playstyle of 4, we’ll either get more rodents, lizards, or birds.

        • You can still wander around your neighborhood, you just cant go into specific lots, which you wouldnt anyways while riding. i think horses would work just fine in Sims 4. I rarely went off my lot anyways. I had an arena and jumps and just cared for the horses on my lot having fun breeding and taking care of them.

  • I think that both may be placed in the same expansion pack, as this will leave room to expand on new themes and ideas for upcoming expansion packs.

  • If the Sims Team manages to release toddlers, pets, and seasons in one year…the community might just explode and will have nothing to say in 2018. But of course, like this article, this is pure speculation, but I am ready to watch.

    • Ahem *raises hand tentatively*…witches…
      : )
      OK, just having a laugh, I’ll be happy, but can’t talk about the rest of the community (cars, uni, school, more professions, more holiday destinations, laundry and, of course, a little more magic, among other things).
      But, once they’ve added everything into the game (maybe some point next year or the year after, minus one or two frequently asked for additions, like the cars), then people would be happy, and will then move on to complaining about how Sims 5 should have come with seasons in the base game or something, besides the fact that they’re playing it in freaking VR! Of course, the community might surprise me yet, but by the end of this year, I know that I for one will be rather happy with what has been done to the game so far (even though I’ll be playing the game on entirely medium or low graphics by then, I can barely manage with high at the moment!… Still getting vampires, though…)

        • Well, to be honest, I was just commenting on the rumours. Of course, there might never be a Sims 5, but it’s just as likely that there might be (I think some of the people who help make The Sims actually commented about it, and even talked about the likelyhood of vampires being in the base game!) The whole VR thing is also a rumour, of course, but one that is also said to be most likely.
          Over all, it doesn’t really matter if there never is a Sims 5 as we have 4 games we can always fall back, but it’s still nice to dream (especially in VR… Hmm, VR Sims…)
          But anyway, don’t take my word on any of the mentioned rumours on what he said or she did, because in my point of view, it’s way too early to keep an eagle eye on things…

  • I knew I wasn’t seeing things when I was outside with my children when all of a sudden we seen leaves falling.

  • I really hope that we get Seasons and Pets! New interactions, for toddlers with both scenarios, would be awesome. Loving the toddlers.

  • Hi, I think that that is not proof of Seasons those icons, but it is very, very much a hint that Seasons will be here, Pets will release in around April, it will go SP-EP-GP/SP. Seasons will be in around August/September/October/November

  • Hey fellow simmers I might have found another tip of just now I was scrolling through “wall decorations” and when I clicked on “pictures,pictures on the wall” and changed to colour I got three different trees with a autumn tree summer tree and a winter tree and under them ther is a calendar with a dog cat and penguins I hope this helps

  • I would rather have seasons before pets. Not being able to raise my Sims up with shifting weather is excruciatingly boring.

  • I definitely think it’s a hint. Seasons is coming…. At least I hope from the bottom of my heart. It’s better for the storytelling.