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WATCH REPLAY: The Sims 4 Vampires Livestream

UPDATE: The livestream is now over! Check out the livestream replay down below.

The Sims Team will be playing The Sims 4 Vampires Game Pack and answer your questions about this pack in a livestream below. The livestream starts on January 20th at 1PM PT / 10PM CET. We’ll update this post with a replay once the livestream is over, as well as publish an article showcasing all the important facts from the stream!

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        • The content that they produce after the base game does not mean that they can extend beyond the rating without anything happening.

          They are essentially still developing the game with periodic DLC … so any content that they come out with is an extension of the base game, even though it’s packaged as new content.

          So yes, the violence would influence the rating. This is also why they use “plasma” instead of blood. They have stated this multiple times on the forums and I believe that they did mention it here on the livestream.

  • Very Excited about this, however this makes me think if they will update Aliens with some Alien Powers for example;
    -“Telekinetic Grab [Any Alien]”: Sim can grab objects from distance! Nothing like grabbing dinner from the Living room !Warning! using it front of others may freak them out. Lack of training will cause you to accidentally drop the object, food, drink etc.,
    -“Come In Peace [Good Alien]”: Sim do the Iconic ET Finger Touch with another sim and will boost friendship *Raises Charisma*
    ((Glowing finger ooOooh)),
    -“Experiment [Evil Alien]” (Sim experiments with another sim giving them a random Negative or Positive Mood *Raises Mischief* ((Better Mood or Give Sims a Sickness !WARNING! May cause sims to suffer for hallucinations that they were experimented on.))
    -“Phone Home [Any Alien]: Alien sims can call a ship to beam them up and take them to the alien world Sixam, Bring a friend if you want!.”

    Sorry seeing this awesome Expansions makes my creativity go wild with what the future holds for The Sims 4!! 😀