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Simgm Productions: Bringing Parodies with a dose of Sims 2 Charm

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Note: Some of these parodies contain vulgar language and may be considered as NSFW.

These Sims 2 Parody Videos of modern-day shows and celebrities will get you HOOKED!

I wasn’t aware of these sims 2 parody videos until a few months ago when a Kardashian Spoof video appeared on my Facebook feed. As I have a thing for checking out original content without giving significant attention to stolen content by 3rd party pages that’s usually captioned with “OMG WHO DID THIS”, I looked this parody up and found that there’s a whole channel dedicated to all types of spoofs. That channel’s name is Simgm Productions!

I had a chance to interview the creative mastermind behind the Simgm Productions project. Check out what she has to say about how this channel came to life:

What inspired you to start making these videos?

I was big lurker in the Sims 2 machinima communities in the days before YouTube. I was always blown away by the videos that creators like would put together, but no one left a bigger impression on me than Decorgal. Her work inspired me to dabble with filming my sims and learning everything I could about machinima. After a few years of privately creating Sims 2 voiceover videos, I bit the bullet and uploaded a video to YouTube. I stick with the Sims 2 because it’s easier to manipulate in terms of mods, custom content, and hacks for filming purposes.

The Pretty Little Liars Spoof already has 19 episodes!

How long does it take to create a video spoof?

To create a spoof it takes between 10-12 days. First, I write the script which can take anywhere from a few hours to a day or two. After reading through the script with my siblings, I send the script off to any voice actors appearing in the video and give them roughly 4 days to get the voice work in. While I wait for them, my brother and I will create any sims needed for the video in BodyShop which includes making the skin and shaping the face.

Simgm Productions: Bringing Parodies with a dose of Sims 2 Charm

After that, I build the set within one of my custom made “stages” which are a replica of actual movie studio stages.

Simgm Productions: Bringing Parodies with a dose of Sims 2 Charm

After set building, I film. Filming takes around 3-4 days to complete. Once I’m done filming the voice work is usual in which means I can start editing. Editing can take 2-3 days to complete. Then I render the video and check for errors. If everything looks good, I upload it to YouTube and I’m all done. Onto the next video!

How many voice actors are involved in this project?

In all we have 26 voice actors, but the majority of them are usually just on standby if I’m looking for a specific voice for a project in an Extra role. Of the 26 voice actors, there are 8 that I frequently work with. A handful has been working with us for years.

How do you deal with Facebook / Instagram pages that steal your content?

At first, I handled it with anger lol! I get less angry as time goes by but it still irritates me. I’m fine with people ripping our videos, as long as they credit and/or link back to us. I put 6-8 hours a day into these videos and then to see someone else re-upload it, watermark it, get literally 20x the views and the credit for it is frustrating. Our fans have been really good at spotting and telling us though. They’ve been the best, so that helps.

What are your plans for Simgm Productions in 2017?

I want to be able to push out more videos in a more efficient manner. I just want to keep on growing and be more involved with the Simgm community.

You can find all the amazing content by Simgm Productions on their YouTube Channel. To keep up with their updates on upcoming spoofs follow them on Twitter and Facebook!

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