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James’ Sims 2 Thoughts: The Sims 2 Freetime

Hobby Arts and Crafts

Your Sims now have a lot to do. They can go on vacations, own businesses, have pets and so much more. They really don’t get too much time to themselves… well, that changed February 22, 2008 when the Sims 2: Freetime was released

Freetime allows your sims to take up hobbies. Theses hobbies can be arts and crafts, drafting, tinkering, science and much more. I have been really exploring this pack inside and out, so I can give you my honest and true thoughts about the pack.  I didn’t have this pack while the Sims 2 was popular almost 10 years ago, but the pack is so much fun, even to this day

It comes with a new neighborhood! Desiderata Valley! Its a small town where sims of all ages can explore their own hobbies that make all of them unique.

I love how your sims can have enthusiasm. This is assumed by how much your sims do certain activities. If your sim watches a sporting event for the first time, you will start to build enthusiasm. Its the same as building skills, pretty much

freetime 1

With building skills, when you max out a skill or a hobby, you have a chance of being “In the Zone”. In the Zone allows your sim to have a white glow around them and they are performing the hobby perfectly. It’s very cool to see your sim get really involved in the hobby or skill when they max it out.

Another cool thing that Freetime gave was secret lots. I loved this part of the pack. When your sim gets high enough enthusiasm about a particular hobby, you are granted access to a lot which has a venue solely dedicated to that hobby. For example, a high enthusiasm in cooking gives you access to “Sue’s Secret Kitchen” where you can meet other foodies and even enter a food contest!. This lot is my favorite, and I love making all my friends at these secret lots, due to the fact that the other sims share the same interests as your sims do.

freetime 2

Children can also build enthusiasm with hobbies as well. Music and Dance is something I like getting my kid sims involved with. When they get to teen and eventually adults, they can compete and perform for tips at local community lots.

Freetime was something that was a very relaxing pack, both for myself as well as for your sims. Its always fun to max out enthusiasm in different hobbies and see what your sims can do!

Next time, I will be talking about the last expansion pack in The Sims 2, Apartment life!

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