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The Sims 4 Bowling Night Stuff Pack Livestream Overview


Disclaimer: Only overviewed what was discussed and shown on the Livestream. There were clothes, objects and gameplay they might not have shown. 

The Livestream was hosted by Sim Guru Graham and Sim Guru Thomas!

General Notes:

  • 50’s Themed/inspired pack
  • Unlockable Bowling Ball Trophy
  • New Achievement (Have a Sim bowl a perfect game of all strikes on the Bowling Lane.) Worth 125 points, the highest achievable points achievement in the game.)

CAS Overview


  • 6 New Shirts (3 are Bowling shirts, 1 Crop top, 1 Jacket and 1 Top)
  • 1 Full Body Outfit (Crop top with shorts and a jacket)
  • 3 Bottoms ( 1 Shorts, 1 Jeans and 1 Skirt)
  • 1 Accessories (Gloves)
  • 1 pair of Bowling Shoes
  • 2 Hair Styles (1 Updo and 1 Short cropped )


  • 5 New Shirts (1 Military type jacket, 3 Bowling shirts and 1 shirt with an open top over it)
  • 1 New hair


  • 2 Bowling Shirts
  • 1 Pair of Shoes

Build and Buy Mode Overview

  • New Neon Signs
  • Bowling Signs
  • Brick and slanted wallpaper
  • Bowling trophy case
  • Set of chairs and table in mostly solid colours with some geometric patterns
  • Longer Sofa
  • Coffee table
  • New Various Height lights
  • End Table
  • Desk Lamp
  • Bowling Pins for decoration
  • Large rug with various patterns
  • Shoe Racks (Also comes without shoes)
  • Light up Room dividers
  • Bowling Ball Racks (There are 2 types so the Bowling Balls don’t repeat and look strange in game, 4 different options for each colour)
  • New Wall decoration panels (Much like the clouds you can add for children’s rooms etc)
  • Bowling Lane (15×3 Size)
  • Atomic Age Clock
  • New Bar that can match counter tops in the catalogue already. Comes with a soda dispenser (Sadly just a decorative touch)
  • Bar stools to match the Bar
  • Bar Back decoration piece

Game Play Overview

  • New Radio Station: NuDisco with 9 New Tracks (Some are from The Sims 1)
  • Families can come to Bowling together
  • As you play Sims will come and Bowl as an NPC
  • Bowling Alleys are NOT a new lot type. More can be added into a Bar or Nightclub type venue. If you add the Bowling lanes to the venues Sims will come and play.
  • When you have a Bowling Lane in a Bar, Nightclub or Lounge there is an option for Moonlight Hour’s bowling and the Lanes will go black and purple for night time. (Can be disabled)
  • On other types of Lots, Sims will Bowl autonomously but not like a group/family would on a Bar, Nightclub or Lounge.
  • New Bowling Skill (Up to level 5) – You unlock new Balls as you level up
  • Sims watching will cheer and encourage Sims Bowling
  • The Video Screen above the lane will change to the outcome of the bowl.
  • Kids will have up Bars/Bumpers to stop their Ball falling into the gutter as they Bowl.
  • Bowling is scored out of 300 and you will receive a Notification when a Sim finishes their game with the score they got.
  • You can create a Bowling Club (if you have the Get-Together Expansion)
  • Added Club perk as a Bowling Skill Boost – Costs 300 Club points (if you have the Get-Together Expansion)
  • 4 Sims Per Bowling lane
  • When they go Bowling, a Sim will change into Bowling Shoes

Bowling Night Stuff Pack comes out Wednesday, March 29th!

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