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The latest Sims Project proves The Sims 4 is far from over!

In case you’re out of the loop, The Sims Team has announced a new project where the entire simming community gets to be involved by voting a new theme, items, clothing and more for a new Stuff Pack throughout this year! This project will last for almost the entire rest of this year as explained in the breakdown of this Stuff Pack’s development process (the last step is voting for the Stuff Pack’s title which will take place sometime this fall).

In’s FAQ page about this project, the team stated that this community-involved Stuff Pack will be available in 2018:

This Stuff Pack will be available for purchase in the next year, when development has been completed.

So yeah, other than SimGurus’ promise that 2017 will be a great year for The Sims 4, we now also know that 2018 as well will bring new content for The Sims 4!

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  • omg crossing my fingers for pets and seasons. those are the only ones im hoping for. and im excited for all the stuff packs and game packs inbetween.

  • After this News i think that this year, 2017, we will have more EP’s and GP’s, and free contentes too

  • pls make fame part with some more active careers, University and I will be happy no more needed for me 😛 it gave us all hope very good news after damn pets and seasons, that is cuz my head is spinning already hearing these cries

    • hi i was curious do you think more will be relessed this year or they waiting for the fun staff pack for next year?

  • Sims 3 ran for about 5 years…it’s been just a little over 2 years with the Sims 4. Geez, Sims fans aren’t famous for their patience, are they?

  • I am glad we aren’t getting it anytime soon, the problems with Sims 4 are all pretty much resolved and they are coming out with so much more awesome packs that i rather see them just keep focused on this game! Sims 5 would just be another cash grab and you would just be back here complaining that its not what you wanted it to be…lol!

    • You must be joking on Sims 4 problems resolved. They framerate is still dropping worse than Sims 3. That my experience. I believe that Sims 4 will go to 2019. I don’t think it will end at 2018.

        • It is LGA 1150 I5k and 970 and 8 GB of ram. The frames still drop but not as bad and I am playing on Ultra. There been a lot of patches but I still don’t like the direction they took Sims 4. They could made a much better game and it could have outsold Sims 2 and even Sims 3. They might even start working Sims 5 next year. I hope for no more alternate timelines. They could make a new game with new Sims and stories. Plus they should add to the franchise and make it bigger. Make the base game a lot better and get rid of the traits and focuses more on personality.

          • That’s your problem right there, as I suspected. You shouldn’t be running your game in Ultra. I have a HP Envy 17t with 3.5ghz of CPU 16gb of ram 1tb SSHD Drive and a Nvidia 940 4gb graphic card and I only run the game in High. You should be running your game at medium with those specs. That will help significantly. So will running it in windowed at your full screen resolution and turning on Vertical sync. That should fix your problem. Try it and get back to me.

  • Was there any doubt? We still have seven hundred and eighty seven stuff packs to go through before The Sims 5 is even a consideration!

  • Maybe a super hero pack there’s been vampires why not SUPER HEROES…… THE VAMPIRES AND SUPER HEROES CAN FIGHT TO THE DEATH HA HAAA HAA HAAAAAA

  • Seasons with even more holiday stuff involved,exploration with Egypt China France spain, a handicapped would be cool like have blind Sims or deaf ones. Ones that are in wheelchairs, more mystical Sims like fairys werewolfs genies mermaids robotsims. Island paradise stuff. They need to combine all the Sims stuff into one. Been playing Sims since generation 1