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The Sims: 17 Years of Weirdness

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If you’ve ever played any of The Sims game you will know it is full of fun tidbits and interesting quirks that arguably make it one of the best and most successful game franchises ever, if not slightly weird. From the very first game that started it to the latest expansion pack, I’m going to be looking at some of the best from the series.

The Sims – Prank Calls

Probably one of the creepiest aspects is the terrifying prank calls your Sims receive when trying to get on with their lives, they weren’t all bad though ranging from a mild “Do you canoe?” to a slightly scarier “They’re coming soon. Maybe you should think twice about opening the door.” but I think we can all agree which one was the worst one of all.

The Sims: 17 Years of Weirdness

The Sims 2 – Social Bunny

If you managed to get your Sims social need fully depleted then you’ll remember the Social Bunny, one of the many NPC’s found in The Sims 2. This one-eyed giant bunny was there to help put your Sims back into a good mood, even better is that if multiple Social Bunny’s are active they can actually socialise with each other, be careful though as if they are the same colour sparks may fly!

The Sims: 17 Years of Weirdness

The Sims – Tragic Clown

Very similar to the Social Bunny, this misunderstood NPC was summoned by having a portrait of him as well as your Sim having a low social need. His main job is to make Sims feel better, problem is he wasn’t too happy himself leading to some hilarious antics, at least he tries. The Tragic Clown makes an appearance in almost all The Sims expansion packs as well as The Sims 4.

The Sims: 17 Years of Weirdness

The Sims 3 – Fruity Genders

Everyone loves to be in control, our Sims are no different, in The Sims 3 if you want to sway the gender of your Sims baby all you have to do is eat either apples for a boy or watermelons for a girl. Quite a handy feature you can even go one step further and make your Sim listen to childrens music while pregnant for a higher chance of multiple babies!

The Sims: 17 Years of Weirdness

The Sims 2 – Death by Satellite

One of the many ways to die in The Sims 2 is by a falling satellite. All your Sims had to do was cloudgaze and there was a 1% chance that a falling satellite would crush them, killing them instantly. On the bright side if you sold the debris you could earn a cool §1,999, although with a depleting value sell it quick.

The Sims: 17 Years of Weirdness

The Sims 2 – Back From the Dead

Since The Sims 2 there have always been ways to bring a Sim back to life after they have died, though each game offers new ways to do this some are harder than others. It’s questionable if you count ghosts and zombies as back to life but hey, they can do most of the stuff normal Sims can do, they just don’t breathe. Never skimp when it comes to bringing Sims back to life, you never know what you might get in return.

The Sims: 17 Years of Weirdness

The Sims 4 – Hidden Lots

One of the many fun activities you can do in The Sims 4 is locating the few hidden lots within the game, one of which means talking to a tree, I’m sure that looks normal to passing Sims. It can be quite tricky to locate these hidden lots if you don’t know exactly where to look. These fun places contain loads of exclusive collectibles which can earn a Sim a few extra simoleons, plus they are absolutely stunning.

The Sims: 17 Years of Weirdness

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