FreeSO now has slot machines!

FreeSO, a fanmade project which lets you play The Sims Online with other Simmers around the world has released a new interactive objects – the Slot Machines!

There are two types of slot machines that you can play with:

Here’s the official release note by one of the FreeSO admins:

Slots EOD has been implemented!. This means all 3 slots objects – the money bounds to keep your machines functional are currently a little tight though. Check out those animations. – Quick fix to prevent VM crashes in EOD servers.

This marks the first SimAntics contribution from someone other than me or ddfczm, so it’s worth some extreme celebration, without much help from me because I have been super busy as per usual. Please host a week full of parties for The Architect.

note: these objects only work on the Games category, as they did in TSO. I’d personally suggest combining them with other activities like the mini golf ball things or whatever you come up with, til the other objects are implemented.

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