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Creating Floating Lots in San Myshuno

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Hi I’m Jason Sterling. I like to use everything in a way that’s not intended. In this case I wanted to turn the high rise lots in San Myshuno into transparent, floating lots high above the city. This provides a great new vehicle for story telling.  As you can see below,  I use them as a platform for my steampunk airship the RM Cascadian.

Creating Floating Lots in San Myshuno


  • TestingCheats True This cheat in conjunction with the MC Command Mod is what will allow you to delete the skyscraper shell.
  • bb.MoveObjects  (MOO) Allows build/buy items to be freely moved around within the build and activates the height slider that raises objects up and down in the air and on the walls using the number 9 for up and the number 0 for going back down.

If you are new to the Sims 4 or just new to building in the Sims 4, press CTRL/SHIFT/C to open the command box within your game and enter each of the cheats above should you wish to access their features.

STEP ONE – Download and Install MC Command Center from Deaderpool found here: 

It’s relatively easy to install this mod on a Windows PC. Your mods folder is located within your Sims 4 folder, within the Electronic Arts folder, within your documents folder (Grid Picture 1). Create a new folder named “MC Command Center” in the Mods folder. Then place the MC Command Zip file into this folder (Grid Picture 2). You’ll need an extraction program for the next step. I use 7-Zip. You can find it for free here:  Right click on the Zip file, select open with 7-Zip, and then select “Extract Here” to extract the files into the folder. (Grid Picture 3)

Lastly, if this is your first mod, go into Options while in game. Look under the “Other Options” tab and insure that the “script mods allowed” box and the “enable custom content and mods” box are checked (Grid Picture 4). Then you need to shut down and restart your game. When you next open your game MC Command Center will be installed.

Creating Floating Lots in San MyshunoSTEP TWO Delete the building

While you are in “live mode”, hover your cursor over the shell, press shift and click. A small menu will appear. Chose “Delete This Object”. Click it and the building will disappear.

Creating Floating Lots in San MyshunoSTEP THREE  Build your structure  

The thing to know here is, if you are planning to erase the lot as detailed in step four, don’t build directly on the lot surface. Start your build on level two. Build a blank room on level one and build your structure on top of that. You can delete the blank room at the end of your build. (Grid Picture 1) When you erase the lot the floor of the structure on level one will disappear as well. (Grid Picture 2) I learned this the hard way while doing this build. It does not affect the flooring on the other levels.

Creating Floating Lots in San Myshuno

STEP FOUR – Erase the Lot

You can effectively erase the lot by using the “Shake and Shimmy Dance Floor Grande” from Get Together.  Align the dance floor near the corner of the lot. Leave at least one tile between it edge. Before placing it, hold down the “]” button to increase it’s size. (Grid Picture 1) Keep holding “]” to continue growing the floor. (Grid Picture 2) Eventually you’ll no longer see the floor itself.  You will still see the residual haze from the floor on the nearby buildings and the horizon. CONTINUE HOLDING THE “]” BUTTON! It takes a bit but you’ll see the haze dropping down the sides of nearby buildings first. (Grid Picture 3) The near buildings will clear, followed by the more distant buildings and then the horizon. You can click the dance floor into place once the horizon has cleared. The lot will then effectively disappear. (Grid Picture 4)

Creating Floating Lots in San MyshunoThe Caveat- I really enjoy this particular trick. It’s gives a cool feeling of truly floating over the city. However, travel between the plaza and the lot by elevator is not possible once the shell is erased. Instead you must hold shift and click on the plaza below. Then select “Teleport Here” to travel to the surface. You do the same to return to the lot above. You can travel to and return from anywhere else by phone or the elevator in the same manner as always.

Lastly, downloading and installing mods can seen daunting and even a little scary to the novice. If you have any questions about installing the above mod please don’t hesitate to ask below. I’m not an expert myself, lol but this mod is by a well known and trusted creator. It’s comprehensive in it’s options but very easy to use. I think most people will enjoy having it in game.

Thank you for joining me for this article.

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