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The Sims Mobile: Important Facts and Info

We got some hands on The Sims Mobile and here are some of the interesting information about the game that you might be interested in. This list will be updated in the next few hours as I collect more information about the game!

Please note that the game is not yet out worldwide so some features / graphics mentioned or seen down below may subject to change.


  • The game is free for downloading on the Google Play (Android) and App Store (iOS). Currently, it’s only soft launched in Brazil but it’ll soon be available worldwide.
  • The game functions like a live service. Game updates are done in-game and you can play the game while some required content is being downloaded.
  • You start off in Create A Sim. CAS has all the basic things to make your Sim look and feel unique, including traits, name, gender, skin tones, face and body shape customization and clothing.
  • CAS has the “push and pull” customization technique with buttons that you slide across the screen. You still get presets if you’re too lazy to do all that customization.
  • Traits
    • Artsy
    • Athletic
    • Flirty
    • Geek
    • Logical
    • Musical
    • Leader (Requires the Leadership Charm)
    • Confident (Requires the Confident Lumberjack Charm)
    • Charismatic (Requires the Charismatic Dragon Charm)
    • Daredevil (Requires the Daring Dolphin Charm)
    • Perfectionist (Requires Player Level 5)
    • Prankster (Requires the Prankster Charm)
    • Ambitious (Requires the Ambitious Charm)
    • Lucky (Requires the Lucky Doves Charm)
    • Party Animal (Requires the Raver Charm)
    • Irresistible (Requires the Seductive Swans Charm)
    • Fearless (Requires the Brave Bear Charm)
    • Evil (Requires the Evil Clown Charm)
    • Good (Requires the Pillar of Grace Charm)
    • Visionary (Requires the Visionary Charm)
    • Brilliant (Requires the Brilliant Elephant Charm)
    • Dramatic (Requires Player Level 3)
    • Foodie (Requires Player Level 3)
    • Goofball (Requires Player Level 3)
    • Outgoing (Requires Player Level 3)
    • Shy (Requires Player Level 3)
  • There’s a limited amount of hairstyles and clothing when you first start off the game. There are lots of hair colors to choose from!

Live Mode

  • Doing actions earns you XP. Earn enough XP points to increase your Player Level!
  • The Sims Mobile Map is unlocked as you progress through the game.

  • Chatting with a Sim grants you relationship points. You’ll get in better relations with another sim as you collect more of these points.
  • There are Events that you can trigger. For example, there are social events that can help you earn a new relationship status with another Sim or just a career event during which you perform actions required by your career. If you manage to fill the pink event star before the time runs out (usually it’s 5 minutes) you get a reward.
  • Unlike in The Sims, the needs don’t decay with time but with actions. For example, doing a certain interaction may cost you a few energy points and a hunger point. This, of course, is just an example.
  • Just like in The Sims FreePlay, most actions are real-time.
  • Unlike in The Sims FreePlay which relies exclusively on The Sims 3 and sound effects, The Sims Mobile has new soundtrack.
  • If your smartphone is fast enough, you won’t even feel the loading screen between venues. For example, it literally took me a second to load up the park on my phone.
  • The careers in The Sims Mobile are active. As a barista during your Career Event you’ll have to keep a close look on your customers!
  • Actions can be sped up by paying SimCash.
  • Here are all the SimCash and currencies that you can purchase using real money:
  • There are Sim wishes that you can fulfill and earn XP and then there are life goals which will help you earn valuable Lifetime Points.

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  • What other colors are available for hair? I can see the normal blonde, red, brown and black, are there other colors that aren’t in Sims 4?

  • Is anyone else creeped out by how the heads are too big, but the bodies are more life-like? It’s like this weird uncanny valley effect for video game characters.

    • Yes! I knew something looked really odd but couldn’t put my finger on it at first. They kinda have toddler-like heads where their body hasn’t caught up yet, it looks weird.

    • The downside of having character customisation on a tiny screen.
      If you wanna see your Sim’s face at all, some compromises have to be made.

  • Again with the real time mechanic, I hate this. It’s the reason why I never liked the Sims freeplay. I get that it’s an easy way to charge the player, but it sucks. It makes the Sims feel more like a tamagotchi, something you can only play with for a few seconds before you have nothing else to do, not a game where you can “build you legacy on the go” like they claim. Especially at the start of the game where you’ll only have a few sims. Pick up your phone, tell your sim to make a meal and that’s it; you can’t do anything for half an hour or however long it takes for the sim to make a meal. And then you spend the rest of your bus ride doing something else. How fun.

    Personally, I think it would have better to forgo the freemium aspects and make the game’s time management work like the PC games do. Then make it an offline game so everyone can plays this on the bus without wi-fi. Now just charge for the game and updates like you do for the PC game and I think a lot of people would be happy with it. I know I would. It would truly be an excellent way to play the sim’s on the go.

    I know their research department says this isn’t “viable” in the mobile market, but seeing how many people have wanted a true portable version of the Sims, I think they’re wrong. Plus, if this has the exact same mechanics as the Sim’s freeplay, what’s the point? Go play that instead, it has way more content right now than this version will have for years. What a missed opportunity as always.