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  • I never played sims 3 generations so i thought this pack will be like a improved version of generations,im kinda less excited after seeing the trailer…but guess its still exciting because we get to look into each life stage in more detail?

    • If this pack is to be done well, I think having a patch where it links into Vampires (i.e. allowing vampire families to build traits, etc) could make it interesting.

      Though, I still want tweens.

  • I’m loving everything that I see in this trailer I just hope it’s not all that’s included in it. I hope so much maybe Sims 4 team left us few surprises to discover on our own…

  • I am so excited for this pack! I wish they would bring back playpens and toddler walkers as well as strollers/prams, but overall this looks amazing and i can’t wait!! ☻♥

  • This game pack seems interesting and reminds me of generations. I am excited for this game pack! Hopefully it is better than the trailer is portraying it to be.

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