The Sims 4 Parenthood: SimGuru Q&A

SimGurus (well, mainly SimGuruNinja for now) have been answering questions about The Sims 4 Parenthood on Twitter! Check out some of the important tweets that carry new information about this pack:

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  • SimguruNinja also sayed that Acne is coming in CAS wich sounds like iots only an detail that wont bring Gameplay

  • Lol at how other Gurus try to give in depth or at least cheerful responses and Drake is just like “No Pre-Teens.” No sorry or thanks for asking or smiley face or anything xD

    • Probably will be a surprise free patch along with this game pack? Im sure i have seen pre-teen in previous non-trailer screenshot.

      • I dunno, I can’t see them doing that, but I’d love it so much if they did. You got a link to that screenshot? :D

  • Will the pranks from Sims 3 Generations return in this game pack? I need to know cuz some of them were funny!

  • sad, no preteens, nothing people were begging for… punishments? lunch to school? very sad, family pack which don’t brings vacations for kids, any active going to school/highschool, no teacher career, NO swinkgs???!!! REALLY???? what’s wrong with ya people??