FreeSO’s HUGE Update Adds + Improves a lot of things


FreeSO (an unofficial reincarnation of The Sims Online) is still going strong, and their latest update proves just that. The game now has its own lighting that you can enable in the game option and it looks amazing combined with the nostalgic 2D scenery.

FreeSO’s HUGE Update Adds + Improves a lot of things

Other than the new graphics, the latest update brings back the Relationship Web, some new Plugins and plenty of new bug fixes:

  • Fully reworked lighting, GPU accelerated light-maps with soft shadowing.
  • Friendship Web UI – completely redone from scratch for usability. Find the easiest marks for improving your friendship for career goals and other benefits.
  • Band Group Money Object – A new group money object utilising your creativity, body and creativity. Remember longer sequences for exponentially more money!
  • Wargame Object & Plugin – A minigame object featuring cool hats. Compete to gain logic skill!
  • Draw a Card Plugin – Set up a deck of cards for a custom defined game, and sims can draw from it. Chance/Community Chest cards (hint hint), raffles, cluedo, and more are possible.
  • Timer Plugin – Some extra muscle for your games and events, displaying a real time clock to help you co-ordinate timed actions with friends.
  • AFK Timer – Saving our servers some hassle! If you do not perform any interactions in 15 minutes, you will be given a 5 minute prompt to confirm you are still present. This is partially to save our servers and boot people who accidentally get “stuck” on lots.
  • Admins and Roommates can now join lots that are full. Admins have special privileges to delete objects which should not be present.
  • Pizza payout has now been slightly improved to encourage people to stop playing just Code. (thanks chompers)
  • Graphics Options for fine grain control on FreeSO specific enhancements.
  • Money over head for transactions. The most important feature.
  • Various bugfixes and performance improvements throughout the game. (lot page lag, landing time, object crashes, etc) Pretty much most bugs that have been prominent in our #bug-reports channel, sans the restaurant ones.

To get the latest update simply open FreeSO and login to start your download.

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