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The Sims 4 Parenthood: Child / Teen Phases

In The Sims 4 Parenthood Game Pack, Children and Teenagers go through specific phases that act out as temporary traits. They are random and happen at nonspecific points of their lives. Here are all the phases your child and teen can go through:


Picky Eater (Child Phase) – It’s good to be a Picky Eater. Keep all those nasty culinary concoctions away from the Sim. They will prefer to eat their favorite Quick Meal.

The Picky Eater phase is probably the most complex one, as there are 6 different versions of this phase – each having different sets of recipes that’ll make your child sim sad. It’s unclear exactly which recipes will your sim dislike but know that they’ll definitely avoid any type of complex dishes that you’re able to prepare at high cooking skill levels. Keep it simple by preparing spaghetti or pancakes for your child sim to avoid any disturbance.

Your caregiver can ask about eating habits and encourage them to eat food.

 Distant (Teen Phase) – This teen has become distant. Being near and interacting with family has started to stress them out. The world just doesn’t understand them.

With this trait your teen sims will feel tense around their family members. It’ll be for the best if you keep your sim in his / her room during this phase.

Loud (Child Phase) – This Sim is letting the world hear her / his voice! This Sim yells, makes noise on instruments, and will listen to music as loud as possible. Earplugs are advised for other family members.

 Mean Streak (Teen Phase) – It is time to be Mean just because. This Sim is feeling nasty and will relish the chance to be Mean to other Sims.

Teen Sims with this phase trait will generally feel happier when being mean to other Sims.

 Rebellious (Teen Phase) – Growing up means rebelling against the old fuddy duddy’s rules. This Sim will argue with their parents more often, swear, and procrastinate when doing homework.

 I’m a Bear! (Child Phase) – Be the Bear! This child will accept nothing less than dressing as an amazing fruit-themed ruler of the forest. It will feel unbearable to wear any other outfits.

Your child sim will want to switch up their clothes for a bear costume – otherwise they’ll get a +2 sad buff.

 Clingy (Child Phase) – This Sim feels safest when interacting with their caregiver. There is no reason to interact with otherse when you have such an amazing person in your life. Forcing this Sim to interact with others will stress them out.

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    • Though, more bear outfits isn’t really my cup of tea. I kinda like how they made a trait for them… they also remind me of carebears. Lol, we have Avacado bear instead of Good Luck Bear… lol. Is there a fruit bear tv show on the kids or pre teen tv stations?

  • They’re really going all out for this; very excited for tomorrow. Hey, the clingy trait doesn’t sound too bad to me, lol.

  • OMG the house in the picture for the “I’m A Bear” phase is the same house my teen sim got the “Mean Streak” phase in. He was visiting his girlfriend lol. I only recognised it by looking ingame and then back and it looked the same. I didn’t really notice the inside though.

  • I figured it out! There is a bear costume in the every day outfits. You will not be able to see your child as they will literally be a purple bear. Head and all. I had her change into this outfit then I left for a minute. I came back and she was sleeping peacefully in her regular pajamas. No negative moodlet. Whew. #UnbearableSadness

    • they go into the phases at random times, and then i think one day it stops. for my child sim, he had the bear phase and he’d always be sad when he had to take it off. when i had him take it off, id get him to do something fun and it would stop and then from there, he never changed back into the bear. for you, you should probably have your parent sim talk to your teen sim.