The Sims 4: Shape-Shifter Challenge

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Have you been looking for a brand new challenge to play in The Sims 4? Well look no further than the new Shape-Shifter Challenge by Simgridz.

What excatly is the Shape-Shifter challenge?

A long time ago – longer than you can even remember, you were abducted by the aliens of Sixam, a planet still unknown by your species, and it organisation SSO (Sixam Secret Operations). This malicious group’s aim is to dominate the entire Sim world and all of the Sims that live in it. But to do that, they need your help – or better said, your appearance.

After being involuntarily induced to a comma for two-hundred years, you wake up in a strange house, alone and far from everything and everyone you once knew. Next to you there’s a letter written by Gwog T’Vozeh. In it, he explains that you have become a spy for the SSO, and commands you to fulfill a mission which, in case of proving unsuccessful, could destroy you.

Furthermore, you realize that – not only you’ve woken up with a horrible headache but also you have the power to change your appearance at will. This is the tool that you will use to fulfill your missions, going through each and every Sim world, oberying Gwog’s and the SSO’s orders so maybe, one day, you will get your freedom back.


There are seven missions in total to complete in the challenge. Each mission has a Shape-Shifter description, location and a set of task that have to be completed in order to move onto the next mission. You complete the whole challenge once you arrive at Sixam.

To read more about the challenge in full check out the Shape-Shifter Simblr here. There is also a full FAQ section if you have any other questions about the challenge.

Let us know what you think of the challenge and share any screenshots over on SC Social or Twitter!

Happy Simming!

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