Simmer Q&A: Five Minutes with Magical Municorn

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Welcome to another Simmer Q&A where we take five minutes to get to know another member of our community and share some of their aweSIM content with you. This week we are joined by the fabulous Magical Municorn! We have been so excited to chat with her and absolutely love her Twitch Channel! We asked her all about her simming journey and what started it all.

Q1.) First things first we want to know what got you started on your sims journey and how long have you been simming?

I started playing The Sims wayyyyyy back in the Sims 1 days when I was about 8 years old! My dad is the one actually who told me about it. He knew that I loved playing with dolls and action figures and making up crazy stories so he had a feeling The Sims was right up my alley! And the rest is history.

Q2.) Great! Now we can see your YouTube channel is very popular within the community with nearly 14K subscribers (congratulations!) What inspired you to begin recording your sim stories and how do you feel about the channel today?

I was inspired to start creating and sharing my stories publicly on YouTube after being a long time subscriber and fan of Quxxn (I miss her so much) and xUrbanSimsx ! At that time I was in a sorority and none of my friends ever really understood my love for such a ‘silly’ game and why I played it so much. All I ever wanted was to go online and find a group of people that I fit in with, and who understood my passions. So I did just that! I have amassed almost 14,000 subscribers to MySimsAddiction who feel the same. And the people I have met have been nothing short of wonderful.

Today I must admit, I haven’t been as active on YouTube as I once was! I have started streaming on more often this year and the community I have found there has been so incredibly amazing! With my original goal in mind – to meet like minded people who I could be friends with and experience fun and laughter with, the instant interaction and feedback during a livestream has really made me feel like I have found my place online. I do have some ideas and plans for my YouTube channel down the line though! I have just needed some time to shift my attention a little bit and explore new avenues of fun with my fellow Sim’s lovers.

Simmer Q&A: Five Minutes with Magical MunicornQ3.) That’s wonderful! So we know you also host a super popular twitch channel, is this your favourite way of sharing your gameplay? What do you enjoy most about streaming?

Twitch is definitely different than YouTube Let’s Plays!!! Both the platforms have their perks and weaknesses. YouTube allows me to create more high produced, high quality, on demand content. On the other hand, Twitch allows me to immediately chat and communicate live with people around the world! I think its safe to say that every person goes through their phases in life where they are more focused on different things and as of right now I am more focused on growing my Twitch streams.

Q4.) Speaking of Twitch we also spotted that you have recently become a Twitch affiliate (HUGE CONGRATULATIONS!!) how do you feel about that and do you have any plans moving forward?

THANK YOU!!! I did! Being an affiliate and actually starting to earn a small income from Twitch has been an absolute dream of mine. I am nearing the end of my college degree and I would be more than delighted if the income I make online could help allow me to devote more time to creating – perhaps even full time someday! So moving forward I guess you can say that is my goal. To continue to grow and expand my horizons, until hopefully someday, I can create somewhat more permanently and professionally.

Q5.) That’s fantastic! So, we have seen a wide range of content released by The Sims for TS4 so far, which would you say has been your favourite Expansion/Game/Stuff pack?

My favourite pack for Sims 4 thus far is hands down the Dine Out game pack. I love all the game packs in general actually! I love the idea of getting a small pack of concentrated and unique content for the game that ads a little extra gameplay too!

Q6.) Is there anything you would personally like to see included in The Sims 4 and if you have played TS2 or TS3 did you have a favourite pack from them?

I would LOVE to see Pets and Weather come to the Sims 4 eventually of course!!!! But I would also absolutely looovveee to see a Sims 2 Bon Voyage type vacation expansion for the Sims 4 as well. That would be so fun! I would vacation all day every day!!!!  I can imagine with the more open neighborhoods there would be lots to explore. Bon Voyage is probably one of the best Sims expansions to date in my opinion.

Q7.) Finally, we have to know how did you come up with your name Magical Municorns? it’s just that awesome!

Oh wow, its a very simple and quite random story actually. I had a friend take a screenshot of my face (that she captured during a horror stream of mine actually, so you can imagine the expression) and she photoshopped it onto the body of a unicorn. I love it so much that I guess I just became a unicorn right then and there myself. M + Unicorn. Municorn. And from that day on…. MagicalMunicorn was born!!

Simmer Q&A: Five Minutes with Magical Municorn

Magical Municorn’s Quick Fire Questions

Summer or Winter – Winter
Cake or Chocolate – Tough one….  Chocolate!
Netflix or Cinema – Netflix
Day or Night – Night
The Sims 2 or The Sims 3 – The Sims 2 all the way!

We really enjoyed getting to know Magical Municorn and look forward to more great content on her channels! If you want to follow her we have all the links below:

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