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This The Sims 3 World lets you go on a cruise!

I don’t often write about The Sims 3 (I should really do something about that) but when I do it’s usually when I’m blown away by a community creation, and this time is no exception.

Creator potato-ballad-sims published a custom world for The Sims 3 which gives you that perfect sense of going on a cruise with your Sims!

To install this Mod, extract the zipped content to Electronic Arts > The Sims 3 > Downloads and install the custom world through The Sims 3 Launcher (don’t worry, it’s only 14MB).

You can start off your cruise by selecting the MS Plumbob Dream world in the main menu.

It’s also a good idea to use this world as a turning point when travelling from one world to another. Why not just stop by to a cruise and give your Sims a feeling like they’re travelling across the sea to their destination?

It only takes a few seconds to load this world. This cruise ship comes with 5 empty lots (two 30×50 lots, three 60×50 lots)¬†that you can build and populate:

The movements of the surroundings will go on indefinitely, meaning that you cannot get off the ship until you decide to travel to a different world.

Ready to go on a cruise? Press the download button below!


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  • If we got a sims 4 vacations, it would be amazing to have a cruise to go to those destinations. Like you would spend like two days in the cruise and then you arrive at the chosen location. It would defenitly be a good ideia to differentiate from the Granite Falls vacation world. I think it would be a new feature that all the simmers would be excited about.

  • How do I install it with my mac? I don’t have an electronic arts folder, but there is a sims 3 folder so I put it in there but nothing happened on my launcher.