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The Sims 4: Emotional Memories

Seeing as we’re celebrating the brilliant The Sims 4 base game I decided to dig out a fantastic feature in the game which often goes unnoticed. The Sims 4 has a dedicated memory system which of course links in with the emotions within the game, have you ever wanted events in your sims lives to affect them in the present? Well wish no more because I’m going to tell you about the emotional memory system!

You may know of the system and how great it is, but so many players don’t as it’s not immediately obvious it even exists, I’m going to show you exactly how you can use it. The system is great for story tellers and adds a whole new depth to gameplay.


  1. Firstly you must get your sim into an emotional state, every single one (including fine) has an allocated memory, but this is a bit tricky as it’s not as simple as an emotion causing the same emotional memory, check out this list for the memory/emotion combinations.

Happy – Happy memory

Sad – Sad memory

Angry – Angry memory

Confident – Confident memory

Embarrassed – Embarrassed memory

Flirty – Flirty memory

Inspired – Inspired memory

Fine – Happy memory

Playful – Happy memory

Dazed – Happy memory

Uncomfortable – Sad memory

Tense – Sad memory

Bored – Sad memory

Focused – Confident memory

Energised – Confident memory


2. Next you should take a screenshot including the sim who has the ideal emotion, make sure the emotion belongs to the active sim as this is the emotion the memory will take. All sims involved in the memory will be able to recall this memory and take the active sims emotion, not the one they had at the time.

3. Once you’ve taken a screenshot you should enter the screenshot manager, this can be found by clicking the camera options button to the right of the speed settings. Once there you should select the screenshot you have just taken.

4. When you click this you can then press the button circled below which modifies the screenshot into an emotional memory, this means that it can be remembered and has an affect on any sims involved. This will also tell you what kind of emotion is linked to the memory.

5. Once this is done the memory will gain an icon and an emotion, from this screen you can also view which sims are involved in the memory, you can delete and add sims back to the list. If a sim isn’t in the image they can not be added.

So that’s it! Now you can let your sims remember days past, it’s honestly a really good system. I would say this easily rivals The Sims 2’s memory system which was limited in that you couldn’t add custom memories. Spread the word and let your Simming friends know their sims can remember the good old days!

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Hello, I'm Mike and I'm a Sims addict. I've been playing The Sims since I was 5 years old, most of my early memories of the game revolve around building the perfect houses and burning it down. Since those good days I've played every iteration and most of the spin-offs and have loved every single moment, hope you enjoy my articles!


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  • Beg to differ. The system is a complete mess. If you’re a rotational player or just play different sims in one family, the screenshot manager mixes all your screenshots (i.e. not only those or your current sim or your current family but also screenshots and memories from other households!) and it’s a complete mess (screenshots are arranged by their file name, so they’re not even in proper chronological order). This system would only rival TS2’s if each sim had a different memory timeline which showed their memories and only their memories. That way you could look back on a sims’ life, and see it all in proper order.

    • It’d be best if you have to choose from some buttons next to you how you want to sort them, (i.e You want to see a specific family memories, a specific individual memory and current family/individual memories.) That’ll be the best in my p.o.v. But, for me, it doesn’t rival TS2 as it’s so limited. I also loved this scrapbook/memories (I don’t remember it’s name) in The Sims 3, it showed a lot of stuff and info.

    • Right now, I’d even be happy if each family had their own “family” album (of course, individual timelines would be best!). Having to go through all my in game screenshots to find a memory…it’s just not functional.