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The Sims 4: A Day in the Life of a Programmer


Creating mobile apps with the Programming skill is a lot like writing a book or composing a song. You’ll get the option to name your app when you finish creating it and you’ll receive regular royalty payments per app from that point forward. Royalties decrease over time so it’s a good idea to create lots of apps to keep those simoleons rolling in. Kayden receives a nice little chunk of royalties from his Dad Jokes app.

Kayden’s new pastime making mobile apps is both lucrative and productive. He reaches level eight of the Programming skill, which allows him to hack more effectively with less chance of failure. He’s been pretty lucky so far, though. Kayden’s never failed at a hacking job!

You might have noticed some changes happening in Kayden’s life behind-the-scenes. Long story short, he had a one night stand with Lilith Vatore, she showed up at his house again a few days later very pregnant. He decided to do the right thing by moving her into the household and surprise! Kayden’s now the father of twin boys. Let your Sims stray off the path you’ve laid out for them once in a while. You never know what unexpected and exciting twists their lives can take.

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Reaching level nine of the Programming skill allows Kayden to partake in the most exciting thing a programmer can possibly do. He can now make his own video games! That’s right, master programmers can become professional video game developers. What avid video game fan hasn’t ever dreamed of that? I know I have (I don’t know a thing about coding but it’s still a nice daydream). At least I can experience being a game developer vicariously through Kayden.

It turns out, designing a video game takes a really, really, really long time. Who would have thought? Kayden masters the Programming skill before he even finishes his video game. Maxing out this skill allows Kayden to attempt the ultimate hacking challenge. He can hack supercomputers now.

We haven’t really done much hacking since more respectable options opened up to us, but if we check the hacking submenu on the computer under Program, we can see that Kayden can hack many different organizations now. With the Programming skill maxed out, your Sims have access to a wide variety of both legal and illegal options for making simoleons as a programmer. How they put their programming knowledge to use is entirely up to you!

Kayden didn’t get to finish his video game before the end of this article, but video games work the same way mobile apps do. You can name your video games and earn royalties from them.

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I hope you enjoyed this Day in the Life segment on the The Sims 4 base game’s Programming skill. It’s a unique skill that opens up lots of opportunities for your Sims to make some extra simoleons and even cheat at improving their school and work performance.

Kayden Lane is available for download in the Gallery! He is 100% base game friendly and has no CC in the Gallery. You can find him in my catalogue. Look for SnarkyWitch.

The custom eyes you saw on Kayden in this article are default replacements. They’re by Vampire_aninyosaloh over at Mod The Sims and are called Twinkling Eyes.

*Sims Community and EA do not officially endorse any modded content.

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