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Full List of Heirlooms in The Sims Mobile

In this post we’re going to showcase every single Heirloom in The Sims Mobile and their abilities. Please note that, because the game is in the soft-launch phase, some features have yet to be added and developed. Some of the careers and hobbies mentioned down below are not available in the game as of right now but we can probably expect them to add these features during / after the worldwide launch of The Sims Mobile.

 Orb of Psyche – Unlocks ability to give Attribute Tokens

 Lyndsay’s Simoleon Charm – Unlocks ability to give Bonus Simoleons

 Medical Injector – Unlocks ability to give Medical Career XP Boost

 Executive Pen Set – Unlocks Business Career Levels 11-15

 Boss Bank – Unlocks Business Career Levels 16-20

 T.O.B.O.R. Healer Charlm – Unlocks ability to give Medical XP Boost

 Chef’s Hat Statuette – Unlocks Culinary Career Levels 11-15

 Chef Gino’s Gourmet Charm – Unlocks ability to give Culinary XP Boost

 Luxe Sewing Machine – Unlocks Fashion Career Levels 11-15

 Goth Boy’s Couture Charm – Unlocks ability to give Fashion XP Boost

 Seasoned Cookware – Unlocks ability to give Cooking Hobby XP

 Masterwork Manuscript – Unlocks ability to give Writing Hobby XP

 Muse’s Paintbrush – Unlocks Painting Hobby

 Evil Clown Charm – Unlocks the Evil Trait

 Brave Bear Charm – Unlocks the Fearless Trait

 Guitar of Legend – Unlocks Guitar Hobby

 Ambitious Stallion Charm – Unlocks the Ambitious Trait

 Raver Charm – Unlocks the Party Animal Trait

 Seductive Swans Charm – Unlocks the Irresistible Trait

 Maestro’s Grand Piano – Unlocks Piano Hobby

 Pillar of Grace Charm – Unlocks the Good Trait

 Peaceful Contemplation Statuette – Unlocks Yoga Hobby

 Charismatic Dragon Charm – Unlocks the Charismatic Trait

 Confident Lumberjack Charm (no info)

 Thrill-Seeking Seal Charm – Unlocks the Daredevil Trait

 Vlogging Camera – Unlocks Vlogging Hobby

 Perfectionist Charm – Unlocks the Perfectionist Trait

 Prankster Charm – Unlocks the Prankster Trait

 Brilliant Elephant Charm – Unlocks the Brilliant Trait

 Visionary Charm – Unlocks the Visionary Trait

 Vintage Game Controller – Unlocks Gaming Hobby

 Leadership Charm – Unlocks the Leader Trait

 Lucky Doves Charm – Unlocks the Lucky Trait

 Leaf’s Jolly Jest Charm – Unlocks ability to replenish Fun

 Violet’s Nom Nom Charm – Unlocks ability to satisfy Hunger

 Gonk’s Scrub-a-Dub Charm – Unlocks ability to replenish Hygiene

 Gabby’s Wisdom Charm – Unlocks ability to give XP Boost

 Antique Camera – Unlocks ability to give Photography XP Boost

 Dr. F’s Glad Scientist Charm – Unlocks ability to give Science XP Boost

 High-End Digital Camera – Unlocks Photography Career

 Orb of Expertise – Unlocks ability to grant bonus Career Tokens

 Science Set (no info)

 Political Career Prestive level 2 Unlock – Unlocks Political Career Prestige Level 2

 Morcubus’ Benefactor Charm – Unlocks ability to give bonus Tokens

 Old School Microscope – Unlocks ability to give Science XP Boost

 Star Chef’s Knife Block – Unlocks Culinary Career Levels 16-20

 City Hall Miniature Model – Unlocks the ability to give Political XP Boost

 Orb of Pastime – Unlocks ability to grant bonus Hobby Tokens

 Gilded Manuscript – Unlocks Writing Hobby

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