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Mods for The Sims 4 that will improve the overall Gameplay and Visuals


More Sims in the World

This mod will increase the maximum amount of Sims on a venue and Sims that walk through neighborhoods. Please note that you’ll probably need a powerful PC in order for the game to run smoothly with this mod.

Less Musical Chairs

Your Sim will sit more steadily with this mod without having a “need” to change their seats with each interaction that can be done from one seated position.

No Blur in the Distance

A simple mod that changes the depth of field, removing the blurriness of objects that are far away.

Visitors Not Spawning in front of Venues

Tired of Sims standing still before entering a lot every time you load up a certain venue? With this mod sims will won’t appear randomly in front of the venue but instead they’ll walk towards it. There’s also an option which lets Sims run towards the venue.

NoGlo / NoBlu

Another visual mod which removes the blue tint in shadows that’s often seen during night time. The NoBlu mod removes the blue tint from the environment while the NoGlu mod removes the blue tint from Sims.

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