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People think this newly-added Toilet Paper object swatch is hinting at Pets

This completely confirms that anything in The Sims 4 can now be taken as a hint for Pets Expansion Pack…and we love it!

The Sims Forum member Izzeh96 pointed out that there’s a brand new swatch (3 new swatches to be exact) for a toilet paper holder object in The Sims 4 Base Game. In case you didn’t know, The Sims 4 had a toilet paper holder object since its release. However, these 3 new swatches seem to be added just recently to the game. People are reporting that they haven’t seen the “under roll” version of the toilet paper until recently.

Down below you can see the 2 versions of the toilet paper: toilet paper placed over and under.

Now, how does the abomination that is toilet paper placed under has anything to do with Pets? Well, people who own pets (especially cats) place the toilet paper under so that cats and/or dogs can’t unroll the toilet paper so easily.

Whether or not the “under roll” version of the toilet paper is hinting at pets or just joking about the great toilet paper roll debate I’m going to use the quote by The Sims Forum member OEII1001The under roll is a crime against humanity.

In case you didn’t know, information about The Sims 4 Pets has been leaking for quite some time. So far we know about the possible release date and their possible appearance in the game. You can find all of information about it HERE!

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  • Maybe coming soon, I get the toilet paper had kittens do the toiletpaper ‘game”, but getting “Pets” out of it…I don’t know about that. But then again Toddlers were a big secret and a pleasant one I might add

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  • That would be a cool feature, but that’s a really long stretch, especially since we’ve heard absolutely nothing about Pets in long time now. I know there’s no news to talk about, but that doesn’t mean you guys need to drag things out of nowhere, lol.