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The Sims 4: Introducing The Upgrowth Challenge


upgrowth challenge, upgrowth, the sims 4 upgrowth challenge, the sims 4 upgrowth, holliebb upgrowth, sims 4 challengesHey Simmers!

I am super excited to announce that today is the day that the Upgrowth Challenge drops! I’ve been pretty active creating build challenges over the past few months, so I hope I’m not shocking too many since this time I’ve switch gears!

The Upgrowth Challenge is not for building, however it does require the player to grow a whole world around them. Essentially when you start the challenge it’s the 1890s, in an almost vacant Windenburg, and it’s your job to progress your chosen family’s bloodline through 10 generations.

This challenge requires you to use mods, but newbies, don’t fret! I’ve created some tutorials which will help you set up the challenge step by step. Setting up can be pretty long, but if you really want a challenge that will keep you occupied for a while, this one will do the trick!

All of the information, rules and tutorials can be found by going to the official website,

I’ll be streaming this challenge live on twitch, so if you have any questions you can find me there too!

I hope you enjoy playing this challenge! I had a ton of fun creating it. If you have any issues, please contact

Happy Simming!

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