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13 Details you might’ve missed from the latest Cats & Dogs CAP Trailer

The latest gameplay trailer for The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs Expansion Pack focuses mostly on Create A Pet. Well, that’s at least what the title of the video suggests – there’s plenty of footage outside Create A Pet, showcasing the new world Brindleton Bay, new objects and new interactions between Sims and Pets.

The trailer covers so much stuff in just over 2 minutes so you probably missed a few things. Here are 13 details that you might’ve missed in the trailer!

1) The Raincoat Man Statues

2) Fishnet Wall Decals

3) Adorable Interactions with Children and Toddlers

4) Cat-Shaped Bush

5) Pet Treats Clutter

6) Life-Sized Kitty Bear

7) The Bridge with a Car going over it

8) Another Life-Sized Kitty Bear

9) Pawjamas

ha-ha get it??

10) The New Aquarium and Wall Corner Sofa

11) Pet Graveyard

12) Oh my god a Pupper and a Toddler?!

13) New Roof Types and a gorgeous new Neighborhood

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