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The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs: Vet Clinic Livestream Recap + Q&A


The Sims Team hosted another livestream for The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs Expansion Pack, this time covering details about Vet Clinic Gameplay. We collected all the important information about the pack that were mentioned during the livestream, as well as information that was mentioned in the Q&A session in the Twtich Livestream Chat.

  • Animals will be taken away if they’re neglected.
  • Sims cannot be allergic. The Sims Team wanted a positive spin so the game has new traits cat lover and dog lover.
  • There’s no option to sell puppies and kittens via a store but you can sell via phone if your pet has too many.
  • Sickness for pets happens randomly.
  • Pets will react when being treated badly.
  • There are different exam rooms in the pre-made Vet Clinic.
  • You can lock doors specifically for Cats and specifically for Dogs
  • You can manage your Vet Clinic employees.
  • There’s a new Vet Skill.
    • It’s the most important skill. It affects how quickly and effectively Sims will treat Pets.
  • There’s a Vet Check-In Podium object which Sims will use to check-in their Pets at the Vet Clinic.
  • When customers check in they’ll get a star rating, something like in The Sims 4 Dine Out Game Pack.
  • Sims will have opinions about your Vet Clinic just like Sims can have opinions about Restaurants in The Sims 4 Dine Out.
  • You can greet patients warmly, impatiently and a regular greet patient interaction.
  • There’s a “the Vets here are great with Pets” opinion for Sims.
  • There’s a stress-level user interface for Pets.
  • There are plenty of exam interactions which will help you determine the illness of a pet.
  • There are treatment interactions. The more exams you do the more accurate your diagnosis for a pet is.
  • Different sicknesses have a different amount of symptoms.
  • There are around 20 different pet sicknesses.
  • Pets will get stressed when you exam on them. You can also calm them which will let you continue with exams in case they get too stressed out.
  • There are Rainbow Poop and Rapid Heartbeat symptoms.
  • At the end of exam your Vet can get money for curing a pet successfully by using an interaction on the pet owner.
  • Pets won’t take their treatment if they’re too stressed out.
  • You can set uniforms for Vet Clinic employees.
  • There are price markups which will determine the pricing of your Vet Clinic treatments and advertisement packages which will let you encourage more Sims to visit your Vet Clinic in exchange for cash.
  • You can visit the Vet Clinic with your Pet in order to cure that Pet without having to own a Vet Clinic first.
  • There are sickness treats that you can craft which can make Pets sick.
  • The surgery station can be used at any part of the exam process. It’s used for very rare and high-level sicknesses of your Pet.
  • Pets will get the cone of shame after each surgery process and have a sad walkstyle while wearing it.
  • The dogs can die of ripe old age. The vet is just telling the sim that the dog had a long and fruitful life and it is time to let go.
  • There are 2 types of exam tables:low-end and high-end.
  • There are 5 different wall decals that can be unlocked by progressing through the Vet Clinic Skill.
  • There are Vet Vending Machines where you can store bars, taffy and more for your pets. Sim customers will be able to buy things from the Vet Vending Machines.
  • You can only put treats in the Vet Vending Machines.
  • There’s at least one pre-built Vet Clinic in your game Library.
  • There are Vet Clinic Customer Reviews as well as Employee Reports telling you how well you did during the work time of your clinic.
  • You can’t run a Vet Clinic from your Home Lot.
  • There’s a “golden poop” and “rainbow poop” pet sicknesses. Pets who poop out golden poop will also poop out golden bars of certain sizes. You can sell the golden bars for a huge amount of simoleons.
  • There are age-up and age-down treats that you can use to manipulate the age of your pets.
  • There’s a special bonus for Pets giving birth at the Vet Clinic.
  • You can build relationships with Pets and their owners through treating a Pet.

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