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Twitch Tidbit: Shift Click to Place Multiple Objects

11 02 17 7 44 51 PM

After watching today’s Livestream hosted by the SimGurus (which you can rewatch here) you may have noticed that the Guru’s were using the Shift Place trick to place multiple objects. Now some Simmers may already know this trick but if you don’t then this is a very useful and easy trick to know!

So, if you want to place multiples of the same object all you need to do is simply just select the object like you would normally. Hold shift and place the object. It really is as easy as that. The trick works on normal Buy Mode Objects as well as windows, doors, stairs, plants and more. Think about how much easier this trick will make landscaping your builds!

Twitch Tidbit: Shift Click to Place Multiple Objects

Let us know if you already knew about this handy trick and how you use it in your game or if this is news to you how excited are you to use this super easy trick!

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