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The Sims 4 Console: Day One Pack Pricing

09 11 2017 00 13 00

The Deluxe Party Edition of The Sims 4 has now released on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 worldwide and the Standard Edition of the game is just a few days away from release.

Below you can find the official pricing of City Living, Vampires and Vintage Glamour packs. These packs are out now for those who bought the Deluxe Party Edition. If you have purchased the standard version of the game you will be able to purchases the additional packs from the relevant store on release day as well.

Xbox One/Xbox One X

The Sims 4 Console: Day One Pack Pricing

PlayStation 4

The Sims 4 Console: Day One Pack Pricing

Do remember that depending on where you live in the world, prices may vary from what is shown in this post.

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