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SPECULATION: Seasons Hints are strong in The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs

We know how much The Sims Team likes to hint at future content – whether they care to admit that or not.

Back in May this year they released The Sims 4 Parenthood Game Pack where they included several hints for The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs.

One of the most obvious hints is their hint at the Veterinarian Career in The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs. Just check out that object description!

There were also some subtle Cat / Dog hints in various assets, including the paw print on this jacket:

Now that we finally have The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs, it’s starting to feel like The Sims Team has a few tricks in their sleeves. Let’s check out some of the possible hints they’ve included in this Expansion Pack!

The Pet Calendar

There’s an object in this Expansion Pack called “6 Days of Pets”. What’s interesting about it is that it comes with only 4 presets, and each preset carries a certain Season color:

Cavalier Cove Beach

Have you noticed anything strange about the Cavalier Cove Neighorbhood? If you look around closely you’ll see Sim silhouettes in bikinis near the beach playing with kites. These visual effects seem to appear only in this beach-themed neighborhood.


The World Itself

The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs is the only pack so far which brought new trees with autumn leaves to the game! Brindleton Bay is full of trees which seem to be impacted by the weather.

There’s another possible hint and that’s a statue of a man wearing a raincoat which you can find in Whiskerman’s Wharf.


All those Trees…

There are several new trees in this pack which come with presets that tell a gradual tale of a tree slowly decaying / blossoming (depending on which tree you picked out).

Also, check out these object descriptions!


This Reddit Post Comment

SimGuruDaniel, one of the producers on The Sims 4 has commented this on a post which talks about adopting strays who could be left out in the rain or snow:


What do you think – are we reaching too far with this post or is there actually something in here that could hint at Seasons coming soon to The Sims 4? Let us know in the comments!

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  • I agree that these are all hints to seasons coming next. Now for an even bigger reach: Sims 2 Pets was directly followed by Sims 2 Seasons. Sims 3 Pets also included autumnal colored trees in the world of Appaloosa Plains like they did here in Cats & Dogs. Sims 3 Pets wasn’t directly followed by Sims 3 Seasons like the case with Sims 2, but the expansions that came between them were Sims 3 Showtime (which we all know EA won’t be directly redoing again because it was largely considered a flop expansion) and Sims 3 Supernatural (which, again, won’t be redone as an expansion in Sims 4 because they’re doing supernatural states as game packs.) Sims 3 Seasons then followed Supernatural by a month or two. So if you remove Sims 3 Showtime and Sims 3 Supernatural from the line-up, as there’s no way EA will be doing an expansion like them again, the timeline becomes Sims 3 Pets and then Sims 3 Seasons. So it would make sense if they did Sims 4 Pets and then Sims 4 Seasons.

    • I believe it will be a seasons 4 coming out next. But they need more worlds than they do everything Sims 3 got I believe Sims 4 getting them.

  • As pets was hinted in parenthood and that was closer to pets I think since pets is hinting to seasons we will be getting this pack as a game pack, it would make sense we already have festivals from city living and a lot of stuff that is quite tropical making a pack just adding seasons, swimming and some activities would make perfect sense

  • I have a feeling that seasons will be the next game pack. Since all we really need are the changing seasons, it makes total sense! I hope the parasol’s protect vampires from the sun this time lol

  • That 6 days of pets calendar makes me think in three things , either:
    – We’ll get an update with season six days after the pets EP release (very unlikely since that would be tomorrow)
    – We’ll get it as a SP/GP on the 6th month of the year, June.
    – Or we’ll get it as a SP/GP in a day 6th of a certain month…

  • I have a question, can we skip packs that we don’t want, like I want Seasons but I don’t want Pet (or Cats and Dogs), can I get the Season and not get Cats and Dogs?

  • Also several of the CAS items looked like they were hinting at seasons! At the top of my head I remember the shirt and vest for males with leaves on it! And also the uggs, and something that looked like rain boots, for kids!!

  • I’d be interested to see if any of the new clothing items that look like jackets or cold weather gear might have an “outerwear” tag on them in the game files. But honestly, as much as I want seasons, I want spiral staircases, split stairs/landings, and Build mode CAS (like pets) implemented first. They’re more than capable of it, and I’d totally sacrifice a stuff pack/game pack for it.

  • The beauty of theories like this, is that sooner or later Seasons is going to come out. It’s one of the biggest money-makers for The Sims, alongside Pets and all the other “core” EPs, like college, celebrities, vacations and magic. So, whether these are hints or not, we’ll inevitably get a Seasons pack, and inevitably people will go, “HA! I KNEW IT! THOSE WERE HINTS!” even if they’re not.

  • Hey! There’s Russian site (link: which passes off your news posts as their own. I don’t think it’s OK. Maybe you should talk with the administration.

  • Definitely hope Seasons is next. We already have Festive items, And seasonal trees, Now all we need is the seasons themselves! Seasons and Pets were by far the fan favorite expansion packs in previous games, It would make sense for Seasons to be next after the success of the Cats & Dogs pack. Especially with those hints in all the updates!