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The Sims 4: Simdew Valley Challenge


Guide to SimDew Valley

Challenge created by Tichery

Inspired by ConcernedApe and his amazing game Stardew Valley.

First I would like to say I have been working on this challenge during my live streams and offline as well for over a year. This is the Original Simdew Valley Challenge inspired by the game Stardew Valley created by ConcernedApe that was released February of 2016. This is a work in progress and I will continue to create rules for this on my twitch channel here as well as updating the Google Document here.  As new Expansions are added these rules will be updated. 

I wish to give thanks my community and especially the following for helping me build houses/community lots as well as flesh out these rules.

As well as my Justified Gaming Stream Team Family. Without the support of these people this challenge would not have been made.


The Sims 4: Simdew Valley Challenge

1-Bulldoze all lots in the Sims worlds as you will need to either download my builds or make your own for the Pelican Town. My Origin is Tichery As an alternative you can also download the blank world save made by SrslySims here. You will still need to bulldoze Brindleton Bay until the save file is updated by SrslySims.

All CC used will be listed at the end of this document.

2- Make your sim any way you wish male/female and the traits and aspiration you want.

3- Download the starter farm or build your own remember that unlike SDV (Stardew Valley) you will need to  provide a bathroom for them. When downloading the houses and placing them Elliot’s Cabin and Willy’s Bait Shop should be placed in Brindleton Bay. The other lots can be places as you wish. Please enable bb.moveobjects when placing them. There is no CC in most of the builds unless listed on the building description on the gallery.

4-Residence from SDV these can be downloaded from my gallery or make your own.

5-Use free real-estate to get into the house and then reduce your money to 500 Simoleons.

6- You cannot use cheats except for those mentioned.

7- All rules for the previous generation must be followed as well in reference to jobs and earning money.

8- Turn aging off also turn off fill empty houses. 

9- No services can be hired to help with taking care of your home and family.

The Sims 4: Simdew Valley Challenge

Tasks to complete before Marriage

1-Your first Sim will need to meet all the residence from SDV there are 2.

2- In order to marry you must have a friendship to 100% and a total of 5000 Simoleons as you will need to have a wedding. 

3- You must upgrade your house with a master bed and a full kitchen. ( this means enough counter space for a microwave, coffee-maker, sink, dish rack, and meal prep.)

4-You will be aging up your children as you complete certain tasks via the birthday cake.

5- You cannot have a job you must make all money from farming, fishing, foraging, painting etc.

6- Sim must make enough money to upgrade the house with a specific room for each eligible Sim for marriage. See list below 

7-You must have at least a cat or dog I recommend that you add a Fox and Racoon as well. Randomize the traits with the randomizer here

The Sims 4: Simdew Valley Challenge

8- Your Farm must have at least one to three cowplants these are available as a recipe from gardening or fishing from the park in Oasis Springs.

9- Before your Sims Child can age up to a Young adult you must finish all the collectables. You can check your progress by looking at the collections list. To access this click inventory then click on the diamond icon at the top left of the window that opens. These will need to be placed into the Museum. You must also clean up and renovate the Community Center making it a place where your Sims can gather.

10- The Pets must be fully trained in all their skills dogs must know all tricks and cats must be fully trained in not being on counters etc.

The Sims 4: Simdew Valley Challenge


In order to progress you must age your children up artificially with a birthday cake. The following conditions must be met for each life stage. Randomize your Sims traits with this tool.

First Stage Infant– This lasts 3 Sim days

Second Stage Toddler– Your toddler must max out all their skills and your Adult Sims must gain level 2 in Cooking, Parenting, charisma, handiness, painting and gardening must all be at least level 4. Your Adult Sim must find all the my sims statues. 

Third Stage Child- Your child must be an A student. They must max out at least  Your Adults must max out their parenting skills. The adults must also get their skills at least a lvl 6 or higher. The Adult Sims must find all the frogs in the Sims worlds. ( For those who don’t have all the packs you can collect what you do have)

Fourth Stage Teen- Your teen must not have a job outside of the house. They must maintain an A grade. They must max out their handiness skill, as well as meet all the SDV residence. Their Gardening, painting, writing, cooking, charisma skills must be maxed out. 

Fifth Stage Young Adult- Your Sims will be able to take over the farm at this point and you could turn this into a Legacy by turning aging on and proceeding as a regular legacy as created by Pinstar. Or if you wish this is the end of the Challenge.

The Sims 4: Simdew Valley Challenge

List of Eligible SDV Villagers 

The villagers as they become part of your family will need to max out their skills that are listed above as well as they skill tied into their hobby area as listed below.

The Sims 4: Simdew Valley Challenge


Alex- you must build Alex a gym when adding him to the household. Alex’s outside area will have a workout machine perhaps the new Fitness Rock climbing wall. Skill to max Fitness.

Elliot- Build a writting room with a coffee station bookcases and a PC. Elliot’s outside area will have small gardening pots and a bench where he can read books. Skill to max Writing.

Harvey- Build a workbench and hobby room. Harvey’s outside area will have small gardening pots and a bench where he can read books. Skill to max Woodworking.

Sam- Build a music room with keyboard, books and a PC. Sam’s outside area will have a treadmill or you can provide him with a small firepit and a couple chairs. Skill to max Fitness

Sebastion- A PC and tabletop games like a foosball table or don’t wake the Llama. Sebastion’s outside area will have a Rocketship. Skill to max Rocket Science.

Shane- A gaming and weight room with a excerise maching and a PC. Shane’s outside activity will be to play with his pet dog/cat. Skill to max Vet.


Abigail- Gaming room with a PC and a Motion Gamepad. Abigail’s outside area will have a guitar so she can play. Skill to max Guitar.

Emily- Build a crafting room wood working bench, books and a Painting easle. Emily’s outside area will have a meditation bench and yoga mat. Skill to max Wellness.

Haley- Photography Studio and wall of photos with PC. Haley’s outside area will have take pictures and paint from reference. Skill to max Painting.

Leah-  Build a wood working workbench, and a painting easle. Leah’s outside area will have another woodworking bench. Skill to max Woodworking.

Maru-  Build a PC room with a robot and a experiment area. Maru’s outside area will have a tinkering area place a Rocketship to build. Skill to max Rocket Science.

Penny- Build a reading room with a lot of books. Penny’s outside area will have a meditation bench and yoga mat. Skill to max Wellness.

The Sims 4: Simdew Valley Challenge

Please comment below and let me know how you are enjoying this challenge.

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