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Become a Fairy in The Sims 4 with this Mod!

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Modder Nyx came up with a brilliant mod for The Sims 4 that will bring more fun to your Sim’s everyday life. With this Mod you’re able to turn your Sims into Fairies!

To do so, go to Create A Sim and select the “Fairy” Trait under the lifestyle section. You can also become a fairy by receiving a fairy’s blessing by pleading the fairy’s tree – a new object that also comes with this Mod.

Fairies have certain benefits for being fairies such as leveling up the Mischief Skill much faster and influence positively on Sims surrounding them. They also have some new interactions and animations available!

To install this Mod simply extract the downloaded files to Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Mods folder. Make sure you have Mods / CC enabled in your game options!


Become a Fairy in The Sims 4 with this Mod!

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