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Diary of a Sims 4 Build Contest : Part 4- The Entries

Hi, I’m Jason Sterling and recently I did an article outlining some of my favorite build contests on the Sims Forum. I decided to join the Build-n-Share (BnS) #85 contest for the Sims 4 ending on January 10th 2018 and chronicle my build for it here. As always, I hope you’re inspired by what you see and read but even more so I hope you’ll be encouraged to join up with a contest yourself in the future. The first three articles in this series followed my build but there are numerous excellent builders in these challenges. You can see the work they submitted as entries in all three skill levels in this final article in this series below.

I have never participated in a build contest or challenge that didn’t leave me impressed by the wealth of creative talent in the Sims gaming community. The pictures below showcase some of my favorite shots of these builds. I’m sure you’ll have your own. I’d recommend downloading each of them. You’ll find something in them all that will inspired your own building. Remember, each of us started with the same blank shell and blank lot and then applied our own interpretation to it. The results are amazing.

The link to the contest itself on the Sims Forum- The BnS#85 contest starts three posts down the page linked here: Build-n-Share # 85 Sims 4 Contest

The Entries:

  1. Swamp House by Lady Alexiel: Gallery Link Builder Pictures: Imgur 
  2. The Hampton by MeaganJo: Gallery Link  Builder Pictures: Imgur 
  3. Twin Oracle Life by Kananmeja: Gallery Link  Builder Pictures: Imgur 
  4. Hipster House by Glen1974: Gallery Link  Builder Pictures: Imgur 
  5. Brown Stone by GamingGrandi: Gallery Link  Builder Pictures: Imgur 
  6. Granny’s by Lin-zlulubell: Gallery Link  Builder Pictures: Imgur 
  7. Emerdale Estate by FidgetyAtom: Gallery Link  Builder Pictures: Blogspot 
  8. House Solveig by Kilra0: Gallery Link  Builder Pictures:Album 
  9. Newcrest Estate by BMJ97: Gallery Link  Builder Pictures: Imgur 
  10. Botany Squared by Pallystyle: Gallery Link  Builder Pictures: Imgur 
  11. Countryside Family Home by Xraygrl2004: Gallery Link  Builder Pictures: Imgur 
  12. The Flowerpot by Stangmix2: Gallery Link  Builder Pictures: Imgur 
  13. Holly Haven by Ninnster:  Gallery Link  Builder Pictures: Imgur 
  14. And lastly my own entry The Cassidine Estate: Gallery Link  Builder Pictures: Facebook Gallery 

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed this article. Please use it and your imagination for inspiration in your builds. As well, consider joining a build contest in the future on the Sims Forum. You’ll find the simmers there some of the most positive of any gaming community on the internet- both helpful and creative. Until next time, you can see me on Twitch Channel: and Follow along on Twitter: @JasonSterling70

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