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Community Expectations for The Sims 4 in 2018

The year of 2017 was a great year for The Sims 4. The team behind the game added so much new content to the game which also added so many more ways to Play With Life!

At the start of the year I asked Simmers over on Sims Community Social what your expectations for The Sims 4 would be for this year?

One of the top themes many people are hoping to see added to the game this year is Seasons. There have been hints in more recent packs but still no confirmation from The Sims team if we will see Seasons this year.

Alongside Seasons, a Supernatural and University themed expansion is something many Simmers hope for due to the hugely positive reception they recieved when released for The Sims 3.

Of course there are many Simmers who would like to see content that draws on some of the aspects of packs we have seen before in earlier games while still being full of brand new ideas.

  • A Salon Game Pack drawing on aspects of the Stylist career in The Sims 3 but with more options and maybe even as an active career.
  • A new Superstar Game Pack which draws on aspects from The Sims Superstar as well as the Movie Star Career in The Sims 3 and the Singing Career.
  • Television active career where you can progress through the ranks and have your Sim own their own TV Station.
  • More Pets but specifically smaller pets like hamsters, rabbits and small birds.
  • Specific Occult Stuff Packs – Unicorns, Witches, Zombies to name a few.

It isn’t just all new expansions, game packs and stuff packs that Simmers would like to see. There are some things that people would like to see added through game patches.

  • New Worlds – Similar to Newcrest
  • New Vacation Worlds other than just Granite Falls
  • Cars
  • Create A Style for Build items and Create A Sim
  • Hip Hop, R&B and Latin radio stations
  • More Create A Sim options
  • Spiral Stair Cases
  • Curved walls, windows and swimming pools

There would be an endless list of possibilities of what The Sims team could add to The Sims 4 this year. We already have The Sims 4 Laundry Day Stuff Pack coming out in a matter of days and also the brand new Adventure themed Game Pack coming shortly as well. Who knows what other surprises the team have instore for us this year.

Is there something you would like to see added to The Sims 4 this year that isn’t mentioned in this article? Let us know in the comments below!

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    • I mean, it kind of already is considering if that’s what your sim does, that’s what will appear in the career tab on the relationship panel.

  • I want celebrities back like in Sims 4 and a seaside town with season as well, being able to freeze to death , get sunburn, more activities for kids and death by lightning.

  • I feel like I’m the only person that’s gonna say this, but I strongly disliked Create A Style… Now before you all go and yell at me for saying I’m wrong, this is an opinion. I like the color wheel for the CAP, but I think it should just stay with CAP…

    • I agree with you, i want the color wheel, but all those textures are just too much, it slowed The Sims 3 a lot, specially when it loads the texture catalogue.

      • That’s only if u have a bad or somewhat good computer. When u have a gaming computer, it doesn’t lag barely to at all when u use the color wheel from sims 3. Yes I know not all people can get a seven hundred dollar computer. But I’m just saying, it doesn’t really lag , so if The sims team adds a color wheel to sims 4 CAS and the furniture catalog that would be amazing

  • Seasons will be awesome and to walk around the town like sims3 and vacations like the sims2 and also sims2 university that was one of the best packs it also be great to have thesims2 open for business back this is just some of my wishes hope it will came true.

  • With the toddlers upgrade it would be nice to have strollers for them. Just like you see a mom or dad walking the dog or going for a jog why not bring the baby too. I mean who really wants to have to pay for a babysitter when your a single parent or the other parent is at work when it can be a group thing.. you the baby ( or double stroller for twins) and your dog.

  • They are already mentioned but seasons and Cars like the sims 2 cars would be on the top of my list for the sims 4 university would be nice too

  • i would like to see the baby sitter function come back that tracks your sims hours for work. so that you dont have to choose each day. i also liked having to buy groceries and clothes. i dislike having all the clothes at my disposal…..just my opinion for how i like to play.

  • I see all want weather , University Cars- transportation.. I agree..
    I have tried a Challenge which is post apocalyptic..I know many don’t like this idea.. Maybe something Western ( In the USA the old West ) or like a run-down Neighborhood, even something Futuristic.. More Supernatural/Occult game play..
    I am Happy with what has come out already, in 2017, Sims far exceeded my expectations..It has come a long way.. it is Indeed Nothing like sims 3 nor should it be… I think there is No comparison there..
    What ever more there is I will Buy..
    Thank you

  • When u have a business it should be counted as a career too! Like say owner of (resurants name) or owner of (vet clinics name) ect…and if the sim is ambitious they shouldnt get tense for not having a job when they do…

  • University, Seasons, swimming in ocean (free update), teen stuff pack, more careers like fireman, teacher etc, NPC burglars, proms like in generations, a game pack like island paradise (tropical vacation world) there is so much potential things that could be added.

  • Ahoj. Ráda bych uvítala roční období, malé mazlíčky (křeček, pták) a potom více kariér (hudba, film)… Díky, jinak hra je skvělá

  • A mi me encantaría ver los caballos, ademas de los unicornios, como bien has dicho.
    Para mí, los sims no son lo mismo, sin los caballos! :'(

  • Better insurrections like they really dropped the ball on Sims date night. One thing I loved about The Sims 2 was he was stop everything and play like a little short movie maybe they could do a game pack call destiny fulfilled. Like Each time you completed something for the 1st time like 1st kiss ,a proposal ,going to school for the 1st time those movies made it so cool and memorable. Mean and also a player could opt out to not watch it and there should be options were you can get pictures of the movie too there were you can put him around your house like for your wedding pictures.

    • Better insurrections like they really dropped the ball on Sims date night. One thing I loved about The Sims 2 was When you did something memorable everything would stop and a little short movie maybe they could do a game pack call destiny fulfilled. Like Each time you completed something for the 1st time like 1st kiss ,a proposal ,going to school for the 1st time those movies would make it so cool and memorable.I mean f course a player could opt out to not watch it but there should be options were you can get pictures of the movie too. Then you can put them around your house like for your wedding pictures.

  • I know we’ll probably be disappointed, but I for some reason still have a little hope.
    AND YES PLEASE LET US GO SWIMMING IN SOMETHING BESIDES POOLS. Here in Michigan we dont have swim in pools, we’re surrounded by places we can swim naturally. I want my game to be the same dude. lol.

  • What I would like to see is the following:

    1st I would like more interaction with Elem & High School Kids. I liked the prom from sims 3 and also the after school activities but I would like to be able to actually go to school with the kids and do all those things. If I could only have the option but no interaction then I want Sports (Including Cheerleading) Themed clothes so I could send kids to school in uniforms. I definitely want to see Universitys too.

    2nd lounging option – I love lying in bed watching tv so let my sims enjoy it too.

    3rd Shower Woohoo – since we have closet woohoo & woohoo in bushes it can’t be hard to add.

    4th More interactive Career choices then the 3 that are available. I only ever use scientist career since Dr career annoys me and ive never made a sim the other career. My sims are all musicians or sports nuts.

    Otherwise I agree about Universitys & Seasons Sims 4 is to be the best of all versions and some stuff is better and some I’m disappointed.

  • I think everyone I have talked to, also shares my own opinion. Seasons should be next, and also I agree with a wider ranger of smaller animals.

    but not just any dragons, dragons as actual pets that function like cats,dogs
    (horses in sims 3 as it be fun to be able to ride your dragon buddy)
    and would grow from small eggs to huge beasts to roast your enemies
    maybe with oldstyle world to go with? maybe stray dragons that would randomly burn down things too?

    But because i don’t think that ever gets made :

    Seasons basically

    all sea related activities from other sims games
    (with seasons or update or something)

    (as update at least I need that slow dancing from sims 3)

    ladder stairs
    (really taking way too much space with normal ones or even spiral staircase)

    More social interactions,careers…

    Occult lifestates
    (rather in separate game packs as sims 3 supernatural was sort of a mess with zombie thing)

    Create a style
    (but i don’t think they will do it anyways sooooo… and it should rather be a pack or something so people who don’t want it to lag their game could simply not buy the pack)

  • Seasons will make the game a lot more realistic then it already is. I don’t understand what is taking them so long :'( rain, hail, snow, wind…. me want.

  • Seasons. University. And please bring back cars – it would have been a great incorporation to parenthood as you could teach your kids to drive.

  • CONFIRMED – Latin radio station was added back to The Sims 4

    I wish hip hop and R&B could be the next ones to be added!

  • The sims 4 expansion packs are boring, lacking content, and are difficult to intergrate into normal play. The sims 3 celebrity AND vampire addition in late night for example allowed us to tell so many more stories with the gameplay, but how are we exactly meant to play around with the growable skill to eat spicy food?
    The Sims 3 Pets not only included cats and dogs JUST the same way the Sims 4 has, except with the addition of horses, birds, insects, terrariums, horse RACING and so on.

    It’s been an awful run for the sims 4 and im really not alone here