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My Sim was abducted and joined a Secret University Society in The Sims 2 University


To celebrate The Sims’ 18th Anniversary I’ve decided to start a fun series of throwback livestreams on our Sims Community YouTube channel. However, I never expected that things would take a fun twist in terms of discovering gameplay that I never knew was present.

As I livestreamed The Sims 2 University I received a suggestion in the comments to join the Secret society. I literally had no idea what they talked about as this was the first time I heard about secret societies in The Sims 2 and so I asked for more information about this. I received a link to the Secret Society Wiki Page from SnarkyWitch which had all the information about joining secret societies in the game. At first glance I thought that all I needed to do is befriend one Sim and be asked to join the society but no, there was much, much more work to be done.

To join a secret society in The Sims 2 University you have to befriend 3 Sims that wear a very unique outfit with a Llama brosch on the formal jacket. This doesn’t sound like a challenge but trust me – socialization in The Sims 2 is no piece of cake.

My Sim was abducted and joined a Secret University Society in The Sims 2 University

Finding these Sims is very easy. You just have to be persistent and go throughout the community lots of your college neighborhood. Since the college neighborhood that I played was Sim State University I had plenty of luck at the library and at the student union lots.

After befriending 3 Sims who appeared to be members of the secret society all I had to do was wait at home until 11PM for my Sim to be taken away by a fake officer who handcuffed my Sim and put my Sim into a limo.

Then, I had to wait for the loading screen to load the secret lot called “Landgraab Society”. Yeah, it was all fun until the game decided to freeze randomly. I restarted the game and thanfully all of my progress was saved automatically!

My Sim was abducted and joined a Secret University Society in The Sims 2 University

I was quite surprised once my Sim arrived to her final destination. The lot that she was taken to looked quite nice with Aspiration Reward objects all over the place. All of the members of the Landgraab Secret Society came to greet my Sim and she immediately changed her outfit to match with the secret society’s attire.

There are plenty of benefits for being a member of the secret society, including:

  • Society Outfit
  • Secret Handshake Social Interaction
  • Ability to hack grades
  • Very rare objects on the society lot

The ability to hack my Sim’s grades sounded good – until she decided to do it and got lectured & fined with 450 Simoleons by a police officer.

I was so glad that after 14 years The Sims 2 still has an element of surprise! If you want to see all of this in action you can check out our livestream replay of The Sims 2 University down below. We plan to continue with The Sims 2 Livestreams over the next few days so make sure you subscribe!

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