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Our Earliest Memories of The Sims


In honour of The Sims 18th birthday I asked members of  The Sims Community Team what their earliest memory of The Sims was for them.

Jovan – My earliest memory of The Sims is sneaking out to my nearby arcade, which, at that time, was filled with people playing video games. They used to charge for each hour of playtime on their PS2 consoles and I remember spending all my school lunch money to play The Sims 2 on PS2. That’s how I got to play and enjoy The Sims until I finally got The Sims Life Stories, my first ever Sims game, as a present from my mom

Lady Hope – The memory I can remember most was being in HMV (A UK CD, DVD, Game store) about age 9 or 10 and begging my mum for Sims 2. I played that game for hours when we got home. My parents didnt have much money so getting this game was the best thing ever. I loved playing as the Curious Family and their alien baby the most. But I also spent so much time in Veronaville with the Capp and Monty familes, I was a sucker for the Romeo and Juliet story line.

Our Earliest Memories of The Sims
SnarkyWitch – My first memory of The Sims was my mom renting the game for Playstation 2 when I was about 10. She played it for five minutes, said “This is boring,” and tossed it. I picked it up and started playing it. It started an 18 year obsession. I got the game and all the expansions on PC. My mom didn’t like me playing it because the WooHoo was “inappropriate” but by then it was too late. I had the Simming bug!

Krista – My earliest memory of The Sims is when I use to sneakily play my Dad’s save when he was at work. He use to come home wondering how his Sims had run out of money or had a completely rearranged house. I did however redeem myself by moving his Sims into a really fancy house that I built myself. This was after I removed the pool ladder on one of the Sims by ‘accident’. I think my parents were happy that I found a game that kept my occupied and made me happy. I don’t think they would realize that I would still be playing The Sims in 2018!


Happy eighteenth birthday The Sims!

Our Earliest Memories of The Sims

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