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The Sims 4 Jungle Adventure: Important Facts from the First Livestream

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The Sims Team held their first livestream for The Sims 4 Jungle Adventure Game Pack, showcasing some of the important features and giving us a general overview of the pack. Down below you can find all the important facts and information that we’ve collected from the livestream!

  • There are 3 editable Venues in Selvadorada
  • There are 2 Villas in each neighborhood that you can rent, making it 4 in total
  • There are new radio stations: Latin Pop and Traditional Latin Station
  • New dance moves are included with this pack!
  • There are new foods from different countries in Latin America
  • There are two new Skills: Selvadoradian Culture Skill and Archaeology Skill
  • New Craft Sale Tables with new and unique objects that you can purchase for your adventures
    • Thebigger culture skill the bigger the chances are to haggle and get items from the craft sale table for a cheaper price
  • The shower-in-a-can is back, in a form of a water bottle
  • Spider repellents, adventure gear and more adventure objects are also included
  • The statue near the craft sale tables at the town centre can help you cure your Sim from specific curses
  • There is a new death included in this pack
  • There are 2 huge neighborhoods:
    • Puerto Llamante Marketplace neighborhood that has a cantina, museum, a bar and a rentable villa
    • The Jungle District which has areas that you cannot directly access
  • Some explorable areas are rabbit holes. After entering it’s up to you to lead your Sim with decisions chosen from the prompt interface
  • Travelling through gates can lead you to hidden areas
  • Avocados are one of the new trees in the game
  • There are bushes that you can use to “Fertilize” and WooHoo in
  • There are snakes!
  • Excavation Sites can be found scattered around the world
  • There’s a risk of being attacked by bees and spiders
  • Being near the waterfalls can put your Sim in a flirty mood
  • There are 2 new collections: Ancient Omiscan Artifacts and Omiscan Treasures
  • There are relics that you can put together, unlocking unique abilities and powers
  • There are new Lot Traits including Creepy Crawlies and Peace and Quiet
  • Totecallama relic lets you summon a skeleton which will help you tidy up your home
  • You can’t add skeletons to your family but your Sims can become a skeleton, which is a temporary condition that lasts for 2 days
  • Sims can learn skeleton jokes
  • There are 2 new Aspirations: Jungle Explorer and Archaeology Scholar
  • There are Collection Cases, letting you display all the collectables that you’ve found
  • Skeletons trying to eat food will end up with a huge pile of food next to them after they’re done, because they can’t really contain food due to their structure
  • As a skeleton your Sim’s Bladder, Hunger, Energy and Hygiene needs don’t decay

The Sims 4 Jungle Adventure: Important Facts from the First Livestream

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