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The Sims 4 My First Pet Stuff: Important Facts & Info from the Livestream


The Sims Team held a livestream for The Sims 4 My First Pet Stuff Pack showcasing some of the new items and gameplay features that come with this pack. We’ve written down all the important facts from the livestream that you can check out below!

  • The My First Pet Stuff Pack is only building on Cats & Dogs because it has extra content for Cats & Dogs. If you don’t have Cats & Dogs EP you are still able to enjoy new content for Sims.
  • This Stuff Pack has new Create A Sim assets for both Cats, Dogs and Sims.
  • Cats and Dogs also get matching outfits that are already available for Sims in the base game.
  • There are new onesies for Children and Toddlers. Some of them match with already existing Cats & Dogs clothing.
  • The build aspect of My First Pet mostly focuses on playful-looking items for Children / Toddlers.
  • There are 4 new Pet Beds / Sleeping Stations in this pack.
  • There’s a new kid activity table and a hamster toy for kids.
  • This pack comes with hamster tunnel decal pieces that you can connect yourself.
  • If you don’t have Cats & Dogs Expansion installed, all the pet objects that come in My First Pet will only be decorative without any functionality.
  • Pets also get a new food bowl.
  • This pack introduces the first round coffee table in the game – which is also a decorative fish aquarium.
  • There’s a new pet door.
  • Rodents have 3 needs: Hunger, Attention and Activity. You can check up on them by hovering over the rodent cage.
  • You can form relationships with rodents and name them.
  • You can socialize with rodents. Higher relationships will unlock new social interactions.
  • You can only have 1 hamster per cage.
  • There are different cages in build mode for each type of rodent including: Bubalus, Hedgehog, Rat and Hamster
  • Rodents have thought bubbles, showcasing what they’re doing, thinking about and what they need.
  • Rodents can pass away from starvation.
  • You can take hamsters out of the cage to play with them.
  • Rodents have secret lives as well. You’ll get notifications about rodents writing books, donating their organs and more.
  • They can have a dance rave, blast off a bomb (all within the cage) and use their own mini-rocket.
  • Rodents can also travel and bring back certain postcards.
  • There are new additions to the Postcard Collection, all of which are rare.
  • Rodents can also die from old age. Their normal life span is 3 weeks but you can feed them with the anti-aging treat, making them immortal.
  • Sims suffering from the Rabid Rodent Fever will eventually sneeze. The fever causes Sims to be Dazed – until they die eventually (that’s of course unless you decide to prevent that and cure them). It’s also very contagious.
  • The disease will decay bladder and hygiene really fast.
  • Standing near a Sim who suffers from the Rabid Rodent Fever gives you a chance to get contaminated.
  • Sims in your neighborhood who get sick by the Rabid Rodent Fever can get sick to the third and last stage of this sickness but can’t die. Only Sims that can die from this disease are the ones you’re playing with.
  • You can order a rodent remedy via computer. There’s a serum to cure your Sim from the fever and also a fever which will prevent them from getting sick forever.
  • Placing rodent cages on community lots is possible. You won’t have to take care of rodents while being away from the community lot but you will have to take care of them while on the community lot.
  • You won’t be able to sell rodents using retail features that come with The Sims 4 Get to Work.
  • Sims who die from the Rabid Rodent Fever will have foam coming out of their mouth until they pass away on the ground.
  • Sims who die from the Rabid Rodent Fever and come back as ghosts wear a hamster costume and have foam coming out of their mouth constantly.
  • Ghosts are able to use the innoculation serum and turn themselves back to normal ghosts without the hamster costume and foam coming out of their mouth.
  • You can purchase treats from the Vet Clinic that comes with The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs and purchase treats for your hamsters. You’re also able to chat about the new disease with the Vets in this clinic.
  • Kids can do their homework by selecting the hamster cage and selecting “Study Rodent”. That will also level up their Creativity skill.
  • Cats can react to hamsters and interact with them.
  • Hamsters who blast off to space at 1AM have a chance to bring back space rocks.
  • Sims can autonomously take care of pets and socialize with them.

The Sims 4 My First Pet Stuff: Important Facts & Info from the Livestream

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