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The Sims Mobile: Adding Friends

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The Sims Mobile is an online mobile gaming experience. This means that your Sims will be interacting with Sims of other players daily. At parties, at work, at events around town; everywhere you turn, you’ll see Sims made by other players.

But your Sims aren’t the only ones who can make friends. You can befriend other people playing the game, too. Add your bestie from school or work, or make an entirely new friend.

If you want to add a new friend to the game, you’ll need that person’s friend code. Once that person has given you their friend code, tap the blue triangle on the right side of the screen to bring up the menu. Once in the menu, tap the friend tab. Then select the Add Friend icon at the top of the friend panel. You can also add any friends from your connected social networks that the game suggests for you by selecting the Suggested Friends icon in this panel.

You’ll be able to input your friend’s code in the Add Friend panel. This is also where you can view your own friend code to give out to other people. When you add a new friend, they will receive a friend request from you in their inbox. They can choose to accept or ignore it. If your friend request is accepted, you will see them in your friend list.

Once you have a friend, you will be able to view their house and profile at any time. You will also be notified of any parties they are throwing. It’s a good idea to attend all your friends’ parties so you can introduce your Sims to theirs and start friendships.

The Sims Mobile: Adding Friends

If you meet someone else’s Sim around town or at a party, you can add them as a contact. Adding a contact will add that Sim to your relationship panel. From the relationship panel, you can see which Sims belong to other players by the plumbob next to their portraits. Tap the portrait to bring up the player’s profile. You have the option to add the player as a friend from their profile.

Adding friends by making contacts with their Sims is a good way to make new friends while playing the game. You don’t need to know the player and have their friend code beforehand if you add their Sims to your contacts.

And that’s all there is to making friends in The Sims Mobile. Add friends you already know by searching their friend code or make new friends with people you meet inside the game by befriending their Sims.

Are none of your friends playing The Sims Mobile? We’ve got you covered. Register at Sims Community Social and share your friend code with other players.

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