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The Sims Mobile: Retirement and Heirlooms

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When your Sims have lived a long, fulfilling life, they’ll let you know that they’re ready to retire.

When a Sim retires, they will become an elder and leave the playable household, but they’re not gone forever. They will stay on the lot as NPCs until you move them out via the family portrait. Retired Sims will leave behind an heirloom for future generations to enjoy. Heirlooms are decorative trophies that strengthen existing traits or unlock new traits, hobbies, and careers.

If you’re not ready to retire your Sim when the game prompts you, you can choose to retire them later. If you choose to retire your Sim at a later point, go into their Sim info panel and select their trait tab to retire them whenever you feel they’re ready. Don’t wait too long to retire your Sims, though. You can keep your Sims adults forever if you’d like, but you’ll miss out on powerful heirlooms that will make life easier for future generations of Sims. You’ll get the most out of The Sims Mobile if you’re retiring your Sims and playing through many generations.

Retired Sims can provide benefits to younger Sims in the playable household. Retired Sims have special family events where they can mentor your adult Sims in their hobbies and careers. Retired Sims do not die. When you’re ready to say goodbye to a retired Sim for good, move them out via the family portrait.

When you receive your first heirloom from a retired Sim, you’ll also receive an heirloom collection box you can place in your home. Tapping on the collection box will allow you to view all the heirlooms your family has collected so far. The heirlooms are like a special collection. There are common, uncommon and rare heirlooms. Each heirloom provides a permanent special benefit to your family. The rarer the heirloom, the more powerful the benefit. Some heirlooms strengthen traits while others unlock entirely new traits. Some heirlooms even unlock new careers and hobbies. Collecting all the heirlooms is not only fun, but crucial to improving the lives of your Sims as well.

The Sims Mobile: Retirement and Heirlooms

The heirlooms that your retired Sims leave behind are random. This means you will sometimes get an heirloom your family already has. You can sell your duplicate heirlooms in exchange for heirloom tickets. Selling uncommon and rare heirlooms will give you super and luxe heirloom tickets. You cannot sell an heirloom you do not have a duplicate of. Sell your heirlooms by opening the heirloom collection box and tapping on that heirloom, then select Sell Heirloom.

The Sims Mobile: Retirement and Heirlooms

Your main method of getting heirlooms will be through retiring Sims, but heirlooms can be purchased as well. Common heirlooms will cost regular heirloom tickets, while uncommon and rare heirlooms will cost super and luxe heirloom tickets.

What heirlooms have your Sims collected so far in The Sims Mobile?

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