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Here are the most (and least) favorite Game Packs for The Sims 4

In the course of 4 years The Sims 4 has released 6 Game Packs which covered all sorts of themes – from adding a new supernatural experience to micromanaging a restaurant. Unlike Expansion Packs, Game Packs are very specific and focus solely on one subject / theme.

We asked members of Sims Community Social to give their opinions and pick 2 of their favorite Game Packs for The Sims 4 that we’ve got so far. Down below you can see the results from least favorite to most favorite Game Pack.


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  • The ones I love most for my personal gameplays are Parenthood, Dine Out, Cats and Dogs, and City Living – but I think all of the games compliment each other perfectly! I feel like I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the game as much if I didn’t have any of my packs.

  • I do like Parenthood, BUT it and another GP really messed up the game for me. Parenthood added a lot of emotional townies to the game, ALL those “angry” greetings on the street for the sole purpose (my theory) to give tour sims a chance to use conflict resolution and emotional control. The other is Vampires and their creeping about and creepy interactions, I’m looking at you Vlad! Do I hate any of the GPs? NO, but sometimes I just have to grin and “bear ” it! (looking at you Outdoors Adventures)