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The Sims 4: April 17th Patch Tidbits


Today we saw a new patch that fixed a selection of game bugs. Not only that there were a few new additions to the game as well that you may or may not have noticed. You can check out the patches notes for today’s patch here.

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The Insane trait for Sims has had a name change and the trait will now be known as the Erratic trait instead.

The Sims 4: April 17th Patch Tidbits

Jungle Adventures Game Pack

When the Jungle Adventures Game Pack came out a lot of Simmers requested that the trio of plants called Potted Jungle Plants Varietal be separated. The Sims team have heard the requests and now all three of the potted plants are available separately and in a variety of colour schemes!

The Sims 4: April 17th Patch Tidbits

You may also notice that the Lonely Potted Tree also has a little reference to The Sim Supply too!

Another addition from the Jungle Adventures Game Pack is the new Forgotten Island of Omisca island counter.

The Sims 4: April 17th Patch Tidbits


These couple of Build Mode items we covered not too long ago in a previous post (check it out here) and both items had a placeholder name but now both have rightly received official names.

Have you spotted anything different in The Sims 4 since today’s patch? Let us know in the comments below or over on Twitter.

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